Saturday, March 9, 2019

Monthly Roundup: February

2019 is the year of 21st birthdays, which I LOVE.
I love having a birthday every month to look forward to which is how February began for me. We got dressed up, had some prosecco, cut some shapes on the dance floor and then proceeded to pass out in bed with my makeup on. Am still trying to train drunk me to care about my skin, it's a work in progress. 

Also celebrated my first ever Valentine's day which was really special for me. Odd to think I'm suddenly in this exclusive group of people that actually has a valentine. I made an offhand comment to Iain that it would be the first time I ever celebrated it and I can't believe how amazing he made the day. He tried to keep his plans a secret but bless him he was too excited so I managed to sneak bits and pieces out from him throughout the week. He picked me up in the morning and drove us to The Peat's Inn, a michelin starred restaurant (another first for me). We had a stunning 3-course lunch that I do think was wasted on me. It all tasted amazing but man I couldn't even finish my main after the starter, weak I know. Luckily I have Iain who will happily scarf down my leftovers. We then drove to a deer park which I always wanted to visit. We happily spent a couple hours wandering around feeding and petting the deers and watching the bears get fed. I mean it was a deer park but we got more than we paid for because there were bears, lynx, wolves too. Also a little go-kart area which I had to drag him away from when we realised the kids using it weren't leaving anytime soon. 

Monday, February 25, 2019

Winter in Germany

I'll be frank. I was slightly underwhelmed by Germany, Berlin in particular.

I had such high hopes and have been wanting to visit Berlin for years. I think I set myself up to fail with my expectations to be honest. Always figured it was such a historical city with a modern arty vibe and edgy fashion scene. It probably is but I don't think I experienced it that way. I think the fact we didn't enjoy Germany as much as could've was probably because of the timing. I think quite a few people do visit the land of bratwurst during winter but most probably during the Christmas period. We arrived at the in-between time where its after Christmas (so all the christmas markets and cute festive vibe was over) but before it was warm enough for people to actually venture outside and enjoy the outdoors (severe lack of beer gardens). Millie visited in the summer and she said it was a completely different scene, a lot more bustling city-esque and not empty and full of construction as it was during our stay. 

Munich wasn't too bad! We did a few walking tours that definitely tried your willpower to stand outside in the frosty wind and listen to the same ol' chat about this one artist having this bright idea for a building. Actually, our Munich city tour guide was a fun time. It was informative and enjoyable and he let us in on loads of little facts and hidden historical/"fun fact" spots around the city. We visited this church especially that was breathtaking. It didn't look like much on the outside but the moment you stepped in, you were surrounded by incredibly high ceilings, massive marble columns, impressing paintings lining the walls and the most insanely detailed carvings and sculptures. It was gorgeous. Didn't manage to snag a proper picture because am not actually sure what the rules are with flash photography in consecrated churches but hey ho. Definitely one for the mems. I wanted to visit the famous Disney-inspired castle outside of Munich but couldn't rally the troops nor did I want to venture 2 hours away on my own when I couldn't speak a single word of German. We did the third-reich tour as well which I totally recommend, I forget what a massive part Munich played in Hitler's regime. It was where it all began and we visited little landmarks where Hitler's name and propaganda started taking stand. We went to a few beer halls on a pub crawl type thing as well which was loads of fun. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

Winter Holy Grail

Winter is almost over and I am sO excited to say goodbye to the long nights and constantly wearing a minimum of 3 layers. Can't wait for spring, definitely plan to spend way more time outdoors in the sun, instead of huddled in our house hiding from the cold.  Living near the coast of Scotland these past few years has given me some handy tips to prep for the cooler temperatures. Seasonal depression that comes hand in hand with the colder months is tough but these few bits make it a little bit easier to pull through.

Starting with the sort of skincare bits, I feel like it's a bit of a given, but you cannot leave home without lip balm. My favourite is Palmer's cocoa butter lip balm, since I've found this gem a few years ago, I haven't tried anything else. I know, I'm suuuuch an adventurous gal. It's the only lip balm i've found that actually moisturises and actively repairs my chapped lips. The past balms usually form a nice layer of protection on my lips which helps against the wind and cold but it doesn't actually get absorbed in the skin and hydrate it. On the topic of moisturising, Cetaphil moisturiser was a godsend for me last winter. Recommended by my flatmate it helped my skin so much in such a quick time. I was previously using a simple moisturises which worked well before but suddenly did nothing for me last winter, I truly believe there's some sorta science behind that like your body getting used to a certain formula and then it not having an effect after a while?? Anyways, I have dry skin and was complaining about dry patches and my flatmate lent me some of her moisturiser to use and I noticed such a big difference in the morning. My skin didn't feel so tight anymore and the patches had definitely ameliorated so I immediately purchased a large bottle (which has lasted me a year now might I add - though I do switch back to Simple in the summer for a lighter moisturiser).

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Monthly Round-Up : January

I started of 2019 with my flatmate Millie in Leeds.

[Sidenote: I've just noticed I always refer to my flatmates as just that instead of pals/friends etc. which makes it seem a bit distant maybe but I feel like it's understood. I wouldn't still be living with this bunch in my third year at uni if they weren't my best pals.]

Anyways, we were in Leeds for NYE (or "the bells" as the scots would say) and brought in the new year at a house party which was great fun. To be frank, the main bits of the night that I remember was  Millie eating pate on Pringles and raving about it as if she'd discovered a revolutionary delicacy and the mini WWE fight that took place on the air beds in the living room because the boys decided that would be a lovely way to end the night. It was most definitely entertaining but also heart breaking when an All Saints t-shirt got ripped in half, there was a moment of silence for the poor t-shirt RIP.

Explored London with Robyn (Flatmate #2) and the boyfriend (+ his pal) a little more. Got yummy mini pancakes at the christmas markets, spent waaaay too much at winter wonderland and had a brilliant time at Swingers. A mini golf/bar that was such a good way to end the night. Round of applause for me for coming in at second place and ensuring the money my dad spent on 2 years of golf lessons did not completely go down the drain. Then, I took the gruelling 6 hour train back to Scotland without earphones. Honestly wouldn't wish that on anyone, i had packed my book in my suitcase as well which took too much effort to close and it didn't seem worth opening again. You'll be glad to know that I did indeed survive a 6 hour train with no music or entertainment of any kind, it was a tough journey but someone had to do it I guess. I took one for the team.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Why am I only discovering gel nails now?

I always loved having painted nails on. I feel a little more put together and sophisticated when my nails are all neat and glossy. It's like every other aspect of my life may be in shambles but at least my nails look good. Not to mention, how satisfying it is to type out notes in lectures with a manicure or how good your hands look while driving when your nails are a little more glam-ed up. Except, trying to do them myself is an impossible task on its own. I'm not that great at painting my right hand especially so it always ends up with one hand looking fine while the other will never see the light of day. I'm also always so impatient when I do them myself, either I am attempting to multitask or I haven't waited long enough for them to dry. So they end up smudged on furniture or chipped within a few hours which bugs me so much when they aren't perfectly smooth to the touch. Not to mention, since I usually do them at night too, 9 out of 10 times I end up waking up with imprints on my nails from a night rolling around under the covers.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Festival season!

How depressing is it that festival season is looming to an end now, basically one of the indicators that summer is almost over. Okay fine, summer's half way through but still. Good Vibes Festival was basically the only thing I had to look forward to this summer, because of my internship, I just haven’t had time nor the energy to plan anything else fun so you could say I was pretty excited for a fun weekend away from my current life that seems to only revolve around my job. Anyway I thought I’d share one of my outfits for the 2-day festival.

We drove up to Genting Highlands and stayed at a hotel at the most odd location. It was basically perched on this cliff at the furthest end of the highland. It wasn’t too bad actually. There was a shuttle provided to get to the main mall and cable cars area and the air was crisp and cool because we were closer to the forest. It was sorta gorgeous in the morning, if you were awake early enough you could see the fog slowly rolling in over the massive stretch of green dense forest. All the artists were so impressed that they get to perform basically “in the middle of the jungle”, it wasn’t really because the area was pretty developed but still I guess driving up the serene highlands to perform at a big festival in the midst of it was a new experience for most. It was kind of amusing to see how in awe they were, I sort of appreciate the highlands a lot more now. It is gorgeous. Not to mention the fact that the air was cooler helped sooooo much when you’re dancing around and pressed close to a couple thousand people.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Failed thrifting attempt

A couple weekends back, I rounded up my friends for a little trip to this big thrift store 30 minutes away from us. We had pancakes for brunch, finally satisfying my cravings and solidifying my stance in the pancakes over waffles category before heading over there. Not gonna lie, it was a massive fail. The store just had soooo many items, there was a crazy amount to go through and the rails were packed closely and it was a hot day and it just didn't really work out to be honest. There was of course some decent items in there but when I did finally find something good, I couldn't really justify the price for it or it was just too big of a fit for me. I think one of my pals did end up successful so I guess maybe it wasn't a total thrift failure. I was just a little disappointed, I have no clue why I thought it was going to be like discovering buried treasure and getting to leave with an armful of reasonably priced gems. I haven't lost all hope though, am planning to hit another pretty popular thrift store at some point too so hopefully I end up with a little more luck there. We ended up just leaving and driving to a mall and wandering through the usual highstreet stores (I didn't buy anything, self control: 1 me: 0) which brings me to this little OOTD I have for you ft. Dans the bestie.