Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Failed thrifting attempt

A couple weekends back, I rounded up my friends for a little trip to this big thrift store 30 minutes away from us. We had pancakes for brunch, finally satisfying my cravings and solidifying my stance in the pancakes over waffles category before heading over there. Not gonna lie, it was a massive fail. The store just had soooo many items, there was a crazy amount to go through and the rails were packed closely and it was a hot day and it just didn't really work out to be honest. There was of course some decent items in there but when I did finally find something good, I couldn't really justify the price for it or it was just too big of a fit for me. I think one of my pals did end up successful so I guess maybe it wasn't a total thrift failure. I was just a little disappointed, I have no clue why I thought it was going to be like discovering buried treasure and getting to leave with an armful of reasonably priced gems. I haven't lost all hope though, am planning to hit another pretty popular thrift store at some point too so hopefully I end up with a little more luck there. We ended up just leaving and driving to a mall and wandering through the usual highstreet stores (I didn't buy anything, self control: 1 me: 0) which brings me to this little OOTD I have for you ft. Dans the bestie. 

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Shopping with money I don't have

hello, is anyone else as pleased as I am with how summery my lil buys are??
I didn't even realise myself until looking at these pictures and I'm quite chuffed. I mean it's not exactly like unicorns have spat rainbows on my bed but am slowly but surely adding some life to my goth wardrobe. I fell ill last week and had 3 days off work to recover so obviously I decided to use one of those days to "recover" in the mall. I was planning on trying to find something for the festival I'm going to in a couple weeks and I came out semi-victorious. Not gonna lie but I'm not that impressed with the stores at the moment. Not sure if it's some awkward mid-season choices but I didn't fancy very many things they had in stock. These white jeans from Mango are the exception though, I tried them on and fell in love. Literally, had 5 outfit combinations rush to my head in the fitting room and even though I don't need anymore pairs of jeans, I manage to justify this purchase because my wardrobe isn't home to any white straight-legged jeans. I'm already excited to style them for uni in Autumn. I picked up a bikini top (& bottom that I've forgotten to photograph) from H&M. Nothing special, just a cute lil bikini in case there's an impromptu holiday happening (HINT) ((please please I beg someone goes with me on holiday, I'm suffocating from this 9-6 working life)). 

Friday, June 22, 2018

What's the fentea?

Killawatt Highlighter - Trophy Wife, Match Stix (Concealer) - Walnut
Sorry I couldn't resist the title, I've been using twitter too much I know. Also, yep I'm severely late on the Fenty bandwagon with this post but if it helps I tried Riri's products around late last year and scrolling through my photos I cam across these photos and figured it's never too late to share my 2 cents about the whole Fenty craze. Actually, I'm just gonna speak about these 2 products here but if you'd like to know my opinion about Fenty in general, I wrote a little article here for my student newspaper last year (omg only now am I realising I wasn't credited for my article...yet again!! ughhhhh). On the bright side this may come a little handy considering, I've been using the products for over half a year now so maybe it's a little more helpful than a first impressions type post. The fact that I'm running out of the concealer and have barely left a mark on my highlighter may give you an idea about where this post is heading. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Second Year - done!

Andddd that's a wrap on my second year of university! Honestly the years are literally flying by at this point. Second year was a bit of a messy one but I enjoyed every little bit of it. I think I would count this year as my "honeymoon year", a large part of it compromised of friends, partying, travels and a sneaky Fall Out Boy concert thrown into the mix. I definitely made the most of it, cruising through my last year of fun before things get serious in third and fourth year. And I do mean very serious. Considering I'll be doing 10 modules next year, I'm sure any free time I have will be happily spent catching up on sleep. I didn't get any particular revelations in second year, it was more about cementing the foundation of friends and studies that I built in my first year of uni and painting it all with more brilliant memories. Among the usual balls and fashion shows we St Andreans dutifully attend each year, I picked up golf again, spent winter break in Australia and spring break in Italy, had the most enlightening experience work shadowing a psychiatrist in Glasgow and spent significantly more time reading for fun again. I've gotten closer to loads of special people around me and befriended a couple new faces as well. I had my usual regrets about leaving revision to the last minute and went through the typical breakdown and ice cream binging nights of panic but yknow' what else is new?

Thursday, November 30, 2017

19 Things at 19

1. Oats isn't "old people food" and it actually tastes amazing in the morning (honey, cinnamon & mixed seeds all the way)
2. Friendships aren't defined by how often you text or see each other.
3. Nor does the number of years define the quality and strength of a friendship. 
4. Bandanas are cool and you should wear them as often as you want without worrying if others think you're being too "extra".
5. You may love your alone time but don't waste the limited time you have being a hermit in your room when you could be spending time with your loved ones. Making new memories is important.
6. Speaking of memories.....print out pictures and fill photo albums with them! Don't let them waste away in your phone. It's more fun to reminisce this way, trust me.
7. Green tea is a great substitute for coffee (also healthier hello).
8. Sleeveless tops are pretty and don't let your physical insecurities ruin them for you.
9. Suddenly losing a family member is difficult (which is why no. 5 is important) but it also serves as a reminder to constantly appreciate those around you.
10. "Comparison is the thief of joy"....so for god sake stop doing it. 
11. The best place to read is by the beach. On a lounge chair, in the shade with the slight salty breeze enveloping you.

Monday, July 24, 2017

For Future Reference


God, I hate that word. Future.
How can such a simple word that used to be filled with endless excitement and unimaginable opportunities be so daunting now. I guess that's the beauty of growing up, everything starts to lose a little magic as each year goes by. (gag) I'm speaking as if I'm a tired 50-year-old who has persevered through everything life has thrown at me and lived to tell the tale. When in reality, it is quite the opposite. I'm 19-years-young and has just sauntered home after a really good dim sum lunch and flipped open her laptop to find multiple tabs and windows left open from when I was intently researching career prospects and crazily trying to plan and organise the next 5-7 years of my life one late night.

It's crazy. I'm crazy. If there's one thing I've learnt on my short time on this planet, it's that things rarely carry out as we planned. I can sit here all day trying to decide which degree would give me a better chance at being admitted into a doctorate programme and reviewing all the volunteering and work experience I'll need to undergo after in order to make the cut...but, what good does it do if in a couple months or years from now, I'm sitting in a lecture hall and it hits me that maybe I don't want this path anymore. What happen's then?

Monday, July 10, 2017

Colourpop haul!

This package came at such an unfortunate time, literally the day after my dad gave me a lecture about saving money and then this parcel arrived in time to remind me I spent over $50 just to get free shipping from Colourpop. I was still excited though because I've been wanting to try their makeup for sooo long. I picked up mainly lippies but also a super shock blush in Flush'd and a highlighter in Glo Up. Both products were super creamy and pigmented and worked best when I used my fingers to apply them. They had a very interesting, almost bouncy texture which I guess is the main feature of the super shock line. Both the  matte coral blush and golden highlighter looked amazing on my tan skin and stayed on pretty well, such pretty colours for summer!