Sunday, November 24, 2013

New gem!

Honestly, I used to think watches served only one tell the time? Yeah, I was never much of a "watch person". Though I have to say that kinda thinking flew out the window couple years back. The main reason being the introduction of the infamous Rose Gold Michael Kors watch. I bet a bunch of you were dying (paraphrasing here) to get your hands on it as well. I don't know why but I just thought it was such a classic piece. Only turn off from the beauty was the hefty price tag. But because of that specific piece I wanted a watch with a chain-link strap not the regular belt-like-hole-punched ones. Two reasons for this, a) cause it looks infinitely more chic and b) because the belt like ones look ridiculous one my tiny wrists. That's probably one of the reasons I never wore watches, they always kept sliding up and down my wrists because they never fit right and my dad always had to punch more holes it so that they could fit but doing so the excess strap looked so weird just hanging there. Anyways, after my last one which I had for four, yup FOUR years finally stopped ticking, I thought it was about time to get a new one not to mention I had PMR coming up so I needed a watch to sit for the exam papers. So in comes this beauty, courtesy of my dad of course. I was planning on getting an ICE watch but my dad and I couldn't agree on any of the designs so we wondered around and found this gem at Guess. We had a hard time deciding between this or a white one with gold detailing but we eventually settled for this because as the sales lady put it "who can go wrong with black?" Agreed! We had to remove some links and it fits perfectly for the first time ever! The great thing is you can always go back to add links as you grow, I keep all the spare links in the pouch it comes with. Isn't it adorable, it's a black quilted pleather bag with a guess charm on it. I really like my watch, the face is a simple, classic design...just my style! I totally recommend checking out Guess if you're on the market for a new watch. Talk soon xx

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What's in my clutch?

Recently I've been attending a couple of parties and this clutch accompanies me to every one. So today I thought I'd share with you what I usually bring with me inside my clutch. The clutch itself is a black faux leather bag with gorgeous heart shaped detailing and a leather tassel attached to the silver zipper. It actually comes with a chain strap so I can turn it into a sling bag if I want but I usually prefer carrying it without the straps (which is why I'm sneakily categorising it under clutch). My mum bought this from me from H&M a couple months back and I've only just begun to use it regularly, hence this post! Okay so first things first, my phone. Always have that on me when I leave my house, pretty self explanatory. Next is my iPad, this isn't always in the clutch but sometimes dinner parties can get a little dull so I bring along my digital distraction to keep me occupied. EarPods are brought for the same reason, in case I get bored and because I always always bring my earphones with me even if the only time I get to use them is during the car rides. I like music a lot that way. Next, I keep a little purse in my clutch. I don't bring my regular purse because it's a bit big and anyways I don't need much for parties, just a little money and my I.D. Lip product or products of choice is inside as well. Whatever I choose to wear for the night, I chuck it in for touch ups later on. I'm really liking Revlon's lip butter in Berry Smoothie lately, such a pretty berry colour. Lastly, tissues. I always need to keep a pack handy because I suffer from horrible sinus and not to mention I'm a clutz, so useful for any mishaps. These are basically all my essentials, sometimes there are more things and sometimes less, really just depends. Hope you liked this post, talk soon. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My first ever perfume

Yup, I've never ever had an actual perfume. I've dabbled with body sprays and body mists and all of that good stuff but never an actual perfume. So I decided to change that and for my birthday I asked for 'Dot' by Marc Jacobs. It couldn't have been more worse of a timing actually because a couple days after receiving Dot, Marc Jacobs released 'Honey'. Oh well, I guess bad timing is a personal trait of mine. Anyways, back to Dot, my initial reaction to it was that it was sweet, like really sweet. I usually tend to go for muskier woody scents so I didn't really like it at the first sniff because it wasn't something I was used to. However, after using it for a while, it grew on me. It's a deeper kind of sweet, floral, slightly musky scent and perfect for evenings out or a fancy dinner. It was described as the older sister to Daisy by Marc Jacobs and to me that description is spot on! Whereas Daisy is fresh and florally, Dot is slightly more mature. Not exactly the scent most teenage girls go for but in a way I quite like it, it isn't my absolute favourite, No. 1 scent but it isn't awful either. My mum on the other hand loves it and borrows it all the time so maybe a gift idea for your mum? I got it in the full size I think, the 100ml version. To me it has a pretty darn good lasting power, I would say 4 or 5 hours maybe before it starts to fade but I can still smell it on my wrist at the end of the day. So now moving on to my favourite part, the bottle! Is it me or does Marc Jacobs come out with the cutest designs for their perfume bottles. Dot has adorably taken after a lady bug with a red bottle and black polka dots all around it and gold detailing for that added flair. I love it and the fact that it looks so pretty on my dressing table doesn't hurt either. I think I might ask for Lady Gaga's Fame next year, or maybe Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck? Which is your favourite perfume?

Friday, November 1, 2013

One Republic!!

Hi guys!!! I'm still a little excited from last night so please bear with my exclamation marks and exaggeration and overall annoying enthusiasm haha.
So as you can probably tell I went to One Republic's concert last night and it was fantastic! I wasn't for a second bored during their entire set. My friends and I came really early so that we'd be first in line... we were second, but hey we managed to get right in front of the stage! They sang song mostly from their album Native (which is really good by the way, you should check it out) but they threw in a couple of oldies like stop and stare (my absolute fav) apologise, all the right moves, good life and others which I can't really remember at the moment. That was amazing cause it was like a flood of memories gushing back all at once from my childhood. One Republic, among other bands sang/sung (?) (gosh how did I ace English) my childhood favourites so it was an amazing feeling listening to them again and this time live. 
Also! As you guys can see....I GOT ZACH'S GUITAR PICK!!!! He flung a couple towards us but the one I got was given to me to a really kind/amazing/god bless him crew of One Republic. I was over the moon when he pressed it into my hand. Such a great token to remember tonight by. Ryan's vocal skills were incredible like I'm not even exaggerating, he could play the piano so well and is such a great performer. He engaged the crowd with humour and stories and kept us all pumped throughout the concert. And Zach!!! Wow can he play the guitar! He was so cute and he noticed my friends and I, pointed to us, waved at us and said he loved us (Y'know by doing that heart sign). And since the concert was on Halloween, they all wore masks and stuff and the beginning and few extremely lucky people got to take hose masks home when they flung them to the crowd. It was kinda cool to be at the concert dancing next to witches and ghouls and vampires haha. sighhhhh last night was amazing. I've probably overused that word but it really was. It went by so fast and honestly I couldn't believe it ended when they left the stage. I think I have had my fill gushing about One  Republic and the concert so I'll end here, talk soon and how did you guys spend Halloween? Oh, and Happy November!