Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Top Tracks - August

Hey, So I thought I'd compile my Top Ten Tracks right now. It's a mixture of old and new. Lately, I've been YouTube-ing some of my favourite tracks from last time. I Love Ed Sheeran, his songs are just so soothing/claming and meaningful. Sometimes they reduce me to tears especially this line from Small Bump.

"You were just a small bump unborn for four months then torn from life. Maybe you were needed up there but we're still unaware as why."

It's so sad! His songs are just beautiful. I've been also loving Taylor Swifts new track We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, her songs are always so relatable. And Safe and Sound. I. Love. This. I am a major fan of Hunger Games and this track is so beautiful. It makes me think of the scene where Rue dies or I imagine Katniss singing this to Prim. Whistle, One More Night and Payphone is just so catchy. These songs were on replay in my head since I first heard it. Pound the Alarm makes me wanna get up and dance, really! I like Owl City I have one of their albums and I love it, this collab with Carly Rae Jepsen is great.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DIY: Chevron Nails

Hey guys!
I've got another DIY for you. Chevron pattern is really in trend right now and I love it. I think it's just so pretty and cute.
So basically all you need for this is;

  1. Two nail colours - Be sure to choose two that match
  2. Top coat and base coat - To  prevent staining and to seal in your design
  3. Craft scissors - Get one that has a zig zag pattern
  4. Scotch tape - I'm not sure about other tapes but this one works well with nail designs
  5. Cuticle clipper - A tiny scissors will also work, the clippers are just a tad bit easier
Okay first, take the colour you want as your zig zag and paint a square on the tap. Next, apply base coat and paint your nails with the other nail polish. Once your nails and the colour on the tape is dry, use the scissors and cut thin strips. Not too thick or thin, it depends on how big your nails are. Tape at least two on each nail and make sure you paste them on correctly. I made that mistake with my pointer finger. Use pictures from the internet as your guide. Then using the clipper (or scissors) cut off the excess. Apply top coat and your done!
I love how the design on my thumb came out, not too fond of my ring and pointer finger though. But I guess it's is okay for a first timer.  What do you think of this design?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mini Haul

My whole family went to the mall last weekend just for some new shoes for all of us. So I picked up a couple of things, not much because I ran out of time.
I got the silk green (The lighting in the first picture is off, the second one is more accurate) hi lo shirt from Metrojaya, which is a department store. It's from a brand called Ying Yang. Probably the only clothing item that really caught my eye. I'm seriously liking the Hi Lo trend and this shirt is so pretty. I got the black sleeveless sheer patterned shirt from Cotton On. It was the only thing I picked up because I was with my mum picking out shoes for her and by the time I got there my sister was taking her things to the cashier. So I just grabbed it of the rack in the smallest size (I'm short petite) and added it to her pile. I love it so much! Thank goodness it fits, saves me the hassle of returning it but now I wish I picked up more. There was a bunch of those kind of shirts in different patterns, I wish I got another one. The last purchase is my mint sneakers from Converse. This one is the thick soled one. I wanted another pair that had a thinner sole because this pair was a little heavy for me, I prefer it lighter. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size for any of the lighter ones. Size 5 seemed to be pretty popular that day. I don't mind that much now, it's not as heavy on my feet and I love the bright colour.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tresemme shampoo & conditioner

So I stopped by Watsons the other day for a new shampoo because my Dove one ran out. I've been using Dove for a while now and it hasn't given me any problems, maybe that's why I stuck by it. Anyway I wanted to try to find something new, just to see if there is something better in the market. 
I have dry hair. It used to be extremely dry, frizzy and had a few split ends. Back then, I washed my hair everyday because I didn't know any better. With some advice from my friend, I switched it up to washing my hair on alternate days or just every two days and got a shampoo for damaged hair. It helped a lot, I'm not sure if the shampoo helped but not washing my hair everyday worked. My hair was less dry and frizzy and I have no split ends till this day. The reason I chose a shampoo for damaged hair was because it was a lot more moisturizing. 
I decided to try the Tresemme' New Advanced Technology Salon Performance Shampoo and Conditioner for dry, frizz prone hair. 
First off, the smell. I can't quite place it, it doesn't smell of any fruits or anything like that. The first thing I thought of when I sniffed it was "It smells like the salon" which probably doesn't help cause well, duh. But I like the smell enough. I like it on my hair, you can get a whiff from time to time, it isn't too strong which I like.
I have to say it does reduce frizz and dryness. This product has actually improve my hair. It isn't as frizzy and dry anymore. My hair still needs some extra moisture but this has helped. My hair is also a lot softer and more manageable after using this I actually really like this. It's quite affordable to because most salon brands would come up to over  RM100 while this was I think Rm16 or Rm18 each (they're both the same price), I can't remember. I will definitely repurchase this but maybe I will try a different type. There's one for damaged hair which should be more moisturizing, so I might give that one a go.
Oh by the way, I received the Loreal shampoo as a freebie in a magazine.
Have any of you tried it? What do you think? 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Checked Bows

Hey guys!
So I still haven't found the usb yet so I'm probably going to get a new one over the weekend until then please bear with me.
Anyways, I was searching through my computers and found these.
It was bow barrettes that I got from F.O.S. The white checked one caught my eye immediately. I thought it looked too cute so I decided to pick that, as well as the pink one up. 
I have amazing news for you. My mum told me that we will be going to LA in November! I am so excited. We will be there for 3 weeks, I think and we'll be doing kind of a road trip/tour thing. I'm not completely sure of the details but I'll let you guys know then. I can't wait even though it is quite long wait (3 MONTHS).
Well, I have a test next week which I should study for so bye for now.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Minor issue

Hey guys, keeping this short and sweet.
I was sick for almost the whole of last week which means I have a ton of catching up to do school-wise.
I don't really mind, I still have time to blog but..
I have no idea where my camera usb is. I was taking a few shots for a post I had in mine when the batteries depleted. I couldn't find the usb to connect it to the charger so my camera is dead.
If I can't find the usb soon, I'll just get my dad to pick up another one but until then..