Friday, August 3, 2012

Checked Bows

Hey guys!
So I still haven't found the usb yet so I'm probably going to get a new one over the weekend until then please bear with me.
Anyways, I was searching through my computers and found these.
It was bow barrettes that I got from F.O.S. The white checked one caught my eye immediately. I thought it looked too cute so I decided to pick that, as well as the pink one up. 
I have amazing news for you. My mum told me that we will be going to LA in November! I am so excited. We will be there for 3 weeks, I think and we'll be doing kind of a road trip/tour thing. I'm not completely sure of the details but I'll let you guys know then. I can't wait even though it is quite long wait (3 MONTHS).
Well, I have a test next week which I should study for so bye for now.


  1. Hey Sham!
    I love the pink one they are SO cute! Good luck for your test :) Also I did the this or that tag that you tagged me in xxx

    1. I know, right! Thanks so much for doing it :)x

  2. Hello, thanks for following my blog. I appreciate it. The bows are really pretty x

  3. very cutee

    wanna follow me, watch

  4. cute bows and blog
    follow back???

  5. oooh these are so cute! the right one almost reminds me of burberry! I love your blog! its so pretty and girly! <3

    1. Thanks! I didn't even realize that but yeah it looks kinda like burberry, haha great eye you got there :)x


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