Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Room Ideas: Customizing Cork boards

So I'm starting off my "Room Ideas" series with a simple project, customizing a cork board. You can make it into practically anything a bulletin board, a memo board, a photo gallery, like I said anything. 

Both of them look pretty cool. Decorate your board with pattern paper and use some ribbon for the memo board look or a plain background  with a striking border. For me I went with a simple layout.

I got mine from Ikea, it came with 10 thumbtacks and some string and hooks.
It looks so dull doesn't it and the lighting doesn't do it justice.

I painted the border white to go with my room's theme, White and Purple.

I stapled some purple wrapping paper on it and it looks way better than before 

My brothers


This is how it looks with (top) and without (bottom) the wrapping paper. I didn't go for the ribbon design because I think it looks fine without it. So then I decorated it, i put old movie/concert/musical tickets (The sound of music, Glee in 3D...) on it and some of my favourite shops price tag(Cotton On...), magazine articles, some of my wanted items and just bits and bobs. Also, yes that is a boomerang on top of it.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


   Hey guys, so this is a short post. I've reached a hundred views so far and call me mad but I am so happy. I'm sure a lot of you have probably got double or triple or even 10 times the amount and you might think that a 100 views isn't a big thing but for me it's huge. Maybe because I don't advertise that much, just a silly voice in me saying my blog is not good enough yet and I've realized that if it's not good enough now, when will it ever be. I resolve to advertise and blog more now Thanks to all of you for stopping by I really do appreciate it. If there's any advice or constructive criticism you  have for me, I'll be delighted to accept and take note of it. I hope you've enjoyed my blog and you're willing to stop by again. Comment, I would really like to hear your opinion. Once again, Thank You So So So much.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What I got for Christmas

Hey, sorry I made you wait. I had planned to have this up like right after I posted the other one but I had to do some back-to-school shopping since school started yesterday. Once again, I appreciate all that I received and I'm not bragging what so ever.
On with the haul...

This is my present to myself. I haven't treated myself to anything in ages so I thought I'd splurge a little on this. I actually had a glance at this but wasn't too interested in it but now after I've read the pro's I'm looking forward to starting this.

This is my dad's present to me. This one he picked out. I really like it. It's looks so cute and just so grab-it-and-go kinda bag. I really like the design of it.

All of these are from my aunt, she basically gave me and my cousins a budget and we could pick out anything within it. So the top picture on the left are three nail colours from Elianto, in order Thulian Pink, Turquoise and Alice Blue. I love Elianto's Nail colours, especially the fact that there a variety of them at affordable prices. Next to it is an Elianto Sandalwood and Cranberry Nail Colour Remover, having a nice smell is always a plus. Below that on the left is an Elianto Eyelesh Curler. I've always wanted an eyelash curler and I finally got one. On the right is the Maybelline New York Baby Lips in Anti-Oxidant Berry.
I have wanted to try one of these for ages, this lip balm sheds away your dry skin to reveal new baby soft lips.

This is a present from my mum. I love it. I instantly thought 'Here's my new beach tote'. In addition to looking cute it's so big and roomy inside I could fit everything I want need.

Present from my grandmother, she said she got it on her trip to Thailand.
It so pretty and the designs are just gorgeous. I see myself using this bag a lot.

A present from a friend. Her mum and her bought those little cute Christmas balls that can be opened, put a little gift in them, thread some ribbon through em' and hung em' on her Christmas Tree. We all just went and picked an ornament from it, I chose the reindeer because it looked so adorable and inside was a purple book thong. It was a pretty good gift for me cause I am a bookworm.

From my neighbour. You may think it's childish but I think it's cute. The box is just so sweet but I haven't decided how to decorate it yet.

My dad's main present to me. I absolutely LOVE it. I love that you can change the phone covers. It's small and pocket-sized and cute. Thanks a million dad.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Haul

Hey, I have decided to split my haul into two; Christmas haul & What I got for Christmas. I didn't want to cram all into one very long post. All the stuff here are from different places bought at different times. Also please don't thing I'm trying to brag because that isn't my intention at all, I truly appreciate everything I've received. 
On with the haul...

I bought this Supergirl perfume in the scent Trendy Me. I actually wanted Sweet Me but they didn't have that. I kinda like this one because the smell is more unique than most of the scents in the collection.

I love this lip balm. It's by Maybelline New York in the colour Cranberry. I've been using this a lot now, it's definitely the best hydrating and moisturizing lip balm I have. It's also tinted, it hydrates my lips while adding a little colour to them.

The left picture is a compact powder in the shade warm beige(sorry there isn't a picture of the shade, I tried but the I couldn't take a picture of the exact shsde) and next to it is a blush. Both are from a brand called IN2IT.

I got this sheer lip gloss in the shade Hot Kiss too. I've never heard of this brand but wanted to try it out cause I really like the colour. I wasn't super pleased with the results, the gloss was too sticky and not that smooth for me. It looked great but I don't really like the feel of it.

Love this, it's the perfect smoky eye combination.

I was instantly attracted to this. The colours aren't matte which is why this is perfect for the neutral look.

I have a lot of liquid eye liners so I thought I'd try this.

I've heard and seen tons of good reviews on this product from blogs and youtube. I'm currently using the Whitening Scrub to exfoliate my face and wanted to see how this works out for me. 

I've been told that tea tree oil is good for your skin and obviously aloe vera is  too but I've always heard and never experienced so when I so this.....

The last thing of this haul is this dress. I love it and think it's perfect for a night party/dinner. It's from a brand called Dressing Paula. I got two other dresses too, one's a green wrap dress with a braided skinny brown belt and the other is just black and lace. The green one was my Christmas dress and my favourite of the lot, I'll get a picture up soon for you guys.

So that's all for my haul. The prezzies will be up next. See ya!!!