Sunday, November 24, 2013

New gem!

Honestly, I used to think watches served only one tell the time? Yeah, I was never much of a "watch person". Though I have to say that kinda thinking flew out the window couple years back. The main reason being the introduction of the infamous Rose Gold Michael Kors watch. I bet a bunch of you were dying (paraphrasing here) to get your hands on it as well. I don't know why but I just thought it was such a classic piece. Only turn off from the beauty was the hefty price tag. But because of that specific piece I wanted a watch with a chain-link strap not the regular belt-like-hole-punched ones. Two reasons for this, a) cause it looks infinitely more chic and b) because the belt like ones look ridiculous one my tiny wrists. That's probably one of the reasons I never wore watches, they always kept sliding up and down my wrists because they never fit right and my dad always had to punch more holes it so that they could fit but doing so the excess strap looked so weird just hanging there. Anyways, after my last one which I had for four, yup FOUR years finally stopped ticking, I thought it was about time to get a new one not to mention I had PMR coming up so I needed a watch to sit for the exam papers. So in comes this beauty, courtesy of my dad of course. I was planning on getting an ICE watch but my dad and I couldn't agree on any of the designs so we wondered around and found this gem at Guess. We had a hard time deciding between this or a white one with gold detailing but we eventually settled for this because as the sales lady put it "who can go wrong with black?" Agreed! We had to remove some links and it fits perfectly for the first time ever! The great thing is you can always go back to add links as you grow, I keep all the spare links in the pouch it comes with. Isn't it adorable, it's a black quilted pleather bag with a guess charm on it. I really like my watch, the face is a simple, classic design...just my style! I totally recommend checking out Guess if you're on the market for a new watch. Talk soon xx

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What's in my clutch?

Recently I've been attending a couple of parties and this clutch accompanies me to every one. So today I thought I'd share with you what I usually bring with me inside my clutch. The clutch itself is a black faux leather bag with gorgeous heart shaped detailing and a leather tassel attached to the silver zipper. It actually comes with a chain strap so I can turn it into a sling bag if I want but I usually prefer carrying it without the straps (which is why I'm sneakily categorising it under clutch). My mum bought this from me from H&M a couple months back and I've only just begun to use it regularly, hence this post! Okay so first things first, my phone. Always have that on me when I leave my house, pretty self explanatory. Next is my iPad, this isn't always in the clutch but sometimes dinner parties can get a little dull so I bring along my digital distraction to keep me occupied. EarPods are brought for the same reason, in case I get bored and because I always always bring my earphones with me even if the only time I get to use them is during the car rides. I like music a lot that way. Next, I keep a little purse in my clutch. I don't bring my regular purse because it's a bit big and anyways I don't need much for parties, just a little money and my I.D. Lip product or products of choice is inside as well. Whatever I choose to wear for the night, I chuck it in for touch ups later on. I'm really liking Revlon's lip butter in Berry Smoothie lately, such a pretty berry colour. Lastly, tissues. I always need to keep a pack handy because I suffer from horrible sinus and not to mention I'm a clutz, so useful for any mishaps. These are basically all my essentials, sometimes there are more things and sometimes less, really just depends. Hope you liked this post, talk soon. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My first ever perfume

Yup, I've never ever had an actual perfume. I've dabbled with body sprays and body mists and all of that good stuff but never an actual perfume. So I decided to change that and for my birthday I asked for 'Dot' by Marc Jacobs. It couldn't have been more worse of a timing actually because a couple days after receiving Dot, Marc Jacobs released 'Honey'. Oh well, I guess bad timing is a personal trait of mine. Anyways, back to Dot, my initial reaction to it was that it was sweet, like really sweet. I usually tend to go for muskier woody scents so I didn't really like it at the first sniff because it wasn't something I was used to. However, after using it for a while, it grew on me. It's a deeper kind of sweet, floral, slightly musky scent and perfect for evenings out or a fancy dinner. It was described as the older sister to Daisy by Marc Jacobs and to me that description is spot on! Whereas Daisy is fresh and florally, Dot is slightly more mature. Not exactly the scent most teenage girls go for but in a way I quite like it, it isn't my absolute favourite, No. 1 scent but it isn't awful either. My mum on the other hand loves it and borrows it all the time so maybe a gift idea for your mum? I got it in the full size I think, the 100ml version. To me it has a pretty darn good lasting power, I would say 4 or 5 hours maybe before it starts to fade but I can still smell it on my wrist at the end of the day. So now moving on to my favourite part, the bottle! Is it me or does Marc Jacobs come out with the cutest designs for their perfume bottles. Dot has adorably taken after a lady bug with a red bottle and black polka dots all around it and gold detailing for that added flair. I love it and the fact that it looks so pretty on my dressing table doesn't hurt either. I think I might ask for Lady Gaga's Fame next year, or maybe Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck? Which is your favourite perfume?

Friday, November 1, 2013

One Republic!!

Hi guys!!! I'm still a little excited from last night so please bear with my exclamation marks and exaggeration and overall annoying enthusiasm haha.
So as you can probably tell I went to One Republic's concert last night and it was fantastic! I wasn't for a second bored during their entire set. My friends and I came really early so that we'd be first in line... we were second, but hey we managed to get right in front of the stage! They sang song mostly from their album Native (which is really good by the way, you should check it out) but they threw in a couple of oldies like stop and stare (my absolute fav) apologise, all the right moves, good life and others which I can't really remember at the moment. That was amazing cause it was like a flood of memories gushing back all at once from my childhood. One Republic, among other bands sang/sung (?) (gosh how did I ace English) my childhood favourites so it was an amazing feeling listening to them again and this time live. 
Also! As you guys can see....I GOT ZACH'S GUITAR PICK!!!! He flung a couple towards us but the one I got was given to me to a really kind/amazing/god bless him crew of One Republic. I was over the moon when he pressed it into my hand. Such a great token to remember tonight by. Ryan's vocal skills were incredible like I'm not even exaggerating, he could play the piano so well and is such a great performer. He engaged the crowd with humour and stories and kept us all pumped throughout the concert. And Zach!!! Wow can he play the guitar! He was so cute and he noticed my friends and I, pointed to us, waved at us and said he loved us (Y'know by doing that heart sign). And since the concert was on Halloween, they all wore masks and stuff and the beginning and few extremely lucky people got to take hose masks home when they flung them to the crowd. It was kinda cool to be at the concert dancing next to witches and ghouls and vampires haha. sighhhhh last night was amazing. I've probably overused that word but it really was. It went by so fast and honestly I couldn't believe it ended when they left the stage. I think I have had my fill gushing about One  Republic and the concert so I'll end here, talk soon and how did you guys spend Halloween? Oh, and Happy November!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mini haul

Hey everyone, I thought I'd share with you my very very few purchases that I made while I was out with my friends yesterday. I went with my two bestfriends to the mall just to basically hang out, we didn't have a plan really. We wanted to watch The Conjuring but that didn't work out as we are 3 years too young haha. It was still a really good day, we ate, talked, shopped, had manicures done, talked, ate and then headed home. And the first picture is how my manicure turned out, I chose a bright strawberry red while my two friends did a pastel sky blue and a dark gothy purple respectively. I quite liked how it turned out, I call them my Cruella Nails haha. Sadly I managed to scuff up two nails on that day itself which I moaned about but eventually got over. While at the mall, I picked up this gorgeous maxi dress from Cotton On. I couldn't thank my friend enough because she was the one that made me try it on, I was kinda tired and bored at the time but she didn't give up on me. And I'm glad she didn't cause I love how it looked on. I might feature it in a OOTD post soon if only I can master taking shots without a tripod as well as the self timer. Also we stopped by Rock Corner and I bought Bastille's album Bad Blood! I was pretty stoked to find it there cause I've been wanting it for a while. I had to make a choice between Bad Blood or Native by One Republic because my wallet couldn't afford both. Bad Blood won because 1. I love Bastille so so much and 2. As my friend said, I'll be hearing One Republic live pretty soon anyways. Yup, that's right! Me and my friends are going to One Republic's concert this month. It's on Halloween and we're going to have a sleepover after which should be trés fun. 
Don't you just love the holidays?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DIY: Bracelet holder

I think the pictures are pretty self-explanatory but all I basically did was

1. Rip the cow board off 
And also hammer any protruding nails back into the wood or you can pull it out
2. Spray paint it
3. Leave it to dry then load it with your bracelets! 

I was inspired to do this after watching a video by a youtuber called Evelina who I absolutely love, she's a fashion vlogger who also does tons of amazing DIYs. In this video, she showed us how to make a bracelet holder from scratch but when I was at, well, my equivalent of a dollar store, I saw these kitchen towel holders and I thought of her video and thought well that's a lot simpler. So I filled my basket with a couple of them and a can of spray paint and headed to the cashier. It was so affordable and they actually turned out pretty cute! You could add knobs to the top of the poles if you like to make them even more prettier but I didn't have any at hand. It looks pretty good without any too. Also, you don't need my exact kitchen towel holder. When you're browsing around your local stores, anything similar will do and then you can decorate them to how you please! 

P.s. this is going to be my last post for a while. I'm not giving up blogging but it's just right now my studies comes first and so after my pmr (my major exam) has ended I'll be back! I hope you will all stay with me and be a bit patient with me. I'll still be replying emails and comments during this duration so if you have any questions or want to swap buttons just let me know :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Update #6

Hey everyone. I just thought I'd do a little chatty post today.
So first of, my new blog design! I wasn't happy at all about my old one so when I saw that Sparrow Mint was offering to do blog designs for free, i jumped on the chance. I was so lucky that she agreed to help me and was so patient with me and my continuous babbles on how I wanted it to look. I told her some of my ideas and she worked with them and created my header, blog button, contact button and pages. She is so easy and such a nice person to work with. Thank you so much for helping me with my blog. I really recommend you all to go and check her blog out. She does amazing posts with great pictures. 
So since I now have a blog button, if any of you would like to swap buttons just drop me an email saying so and I'll get back to you as fast as I can. 
Ok so i want to get this out of the way, I did a pretty bad job for my mid-terms. Like the worse i've ever done. Made me really sad because I know I could have done so much better if I had tried harder. I've decided not to moan about it but to take it as a lesson (?) and do better in my next exams. I don't know if 'lesson' the right word but I hope you understand.
Also, I've decided that I'm not going to take the scholarship. I did the test and it was pretty tough so I don't think I'll get it but if I do, I won't take it. I've thought long and hard about it and I don't want to leave my home just yet.
Anyways, I have my trials coming up in August. A mock exam for the real thing in October and I'm going to the best I can for that.
Also, I hear that google reader is going for good in a few days, I don't really mind because I don't use Google Reader but then I hear that GFC may or may not follow suit and that affects me. So I've made a bloglovin' account just in case. I hope that you all will follow me on Bloglovin' as well by clicking on the + sign in my contact buttons or click on my bloglovin' button in the sidebar. If any of you wishes to transfer to bloglovin' too, here's a really simple and easy way to import all your blogs from google reader to bloglovin'. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Currently Reading

I've just realised that it's been quite a while since I've sat down with a book. I'm usually able to read for hours if I want. And if the book is that good I could finish it the same day I started. Lately I've realised I'm staring to loose this habit I've had since I was little. So I thought once in a while I'll do these posts to show you guys what I've been reading. I guess to motivate me a little. So the books I'm currently reading is Hide and Seek and Cross my heart and Hope to die by Sara Shepard. You might know her, she's the author of the Pretty Little Liars series. I love PLL (the show) by the way. Anyways these books are part of her Lying Game series. It's the third and fourth ones. I loved this series. I got the first three books last year together and I kinda forgot how much I love this series. Basically, it's about twins (Sutton and Emma) that got separated at birth. Sutton gets an amazing life, a rich family, great friends, huge house, the works. While Emma got a life in foster care. When Sutton is murdered, Emma gets mistaken for Sutton and she has to live as her sister or else she'll be dead too unless she can figure out who murdered the sister she never got to meet. I love the storyline, it's a good read. Romance, suspense, mystery.....all in this series. I really recommend these books. They are a great summer read to me. 
So the picture quality might not be the best but that's because I'm blogging from my ipad. I can't find my camera at the moment so this will have to do. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Skincare Routine

I've been using these products for a while now and thought I'd share them with you. Here are my thoughts on my current skin are routine. By the way I have normal to dry skin. Blogging from my ipad so sorry about the picture quality. Not exactly easy to focus with an ipad. 

 Bird's Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Cleanser by Bio-essence
I got this cleanser in a set with the advancer, basically their both suppose to help you get brighter/fairer skin. I haven't really noticed any difference, actually I probably just got more tanner (blame camp). The fact that I always forget to wear sunscreen doesn't help either. Other than that, it's a pretty average cleanser . It works well I ridding your face of dirt so you feel fresh and clean. Unlike my old Nivea cleanser it doesn't strip your face completely of its natural oils so that it is squeaky clean and your face feels a little tight. That's one thing I hate about some cleansers. I'm almost out of it anyways so if you guys could recommend anything else to try, please do?  It's an okay product but I wouldn't repurchase it.

Garnier Light Intensive Brightening Scrub
I bought this on a whim and it turned out to be pretty good. It has gentle micro beads to exfoliate your face and lemon essence to help with dullness. My face gets pretty dull sometimes when I'm tired so I thought that's why I chose this. This actually really helps with dullness. My face is a lot more brighter and "alive" I guess after using this. It doesn't make my face tight and it leaves it feeling refresh. I only use this once or twice a week though. 

Bird's Nest Nutri-Collagen Whitening Advancer by Bio-essence
An advancer is basically like a toner except it doesn't contain alcohol (a good thing for those with dry skin). This helps products that you need to apply after absorb into your skin faster. I pat this on and it instantly sinks on. If you put too much on, your face might feel a little sticky for a while until it all is absorbed. It acts like a primer as it's suppose to be a good base for your makeup. Using this at the end of the day will help remove any makeup left over after you cleanse your face. 

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser 
This is amazing. I love this moisturiser. The product itself is pretty thick and kinda creamy but once you apply it, it sinks right in. My skin doesn't feel sticky or greasy at all and It keeps my skin nourished and hydrated all day. It doesn't have any kind of perfume or chemicals either so a good option for sensitive skin. 

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil 
I haven't used this long enough for a proper review but I'll just say what I think so far. First of all the smell is horrible. It's sooo strong. Once you put it on your face it isn't too bad but if you have a spot near your nose (like I did) it could be a pain. I'm not too bad with smells so I could withstand it. It does fade after a while though so not a huge problem. It helps with redness and size reduction for my minor spots  but I haven't had an actual pimple yet to try it on so I don't know how we'll it gets rid of them. One thing about it is that it is pure tea tree oil so it is a multipurpose product.  

Sunday, June 2, 2013

I'm back! + Update #5

 Yup I'm back. It's been a while but i'm here. It's been ages since I've done an update so I thought now would be perfect. First off, sorry for my absence! I cut myself off because of exams which has ended a week ago. I don't think I did very well on my mid-terms and I can already envision my bad marks being handed to me sighhh. Anyways, right after exam I went for a camp! It's a camp for Interactors (a club I've been a part of for 3 years now) and it was soooo fun. I loved it, made a ton of new friends and made some new memories with my best friends. We did a lot of group work activities and I grew to love my team in the four days we were there. All the teams were named after Greek Gods by the way. We were Iris!
Also I wanted to tell you guys about some sort of exciting news. I applied for this scholarship programme to study in Singapore a few months ago and I recently got some news on it. I've been chosen as one of the students to sit for the entrance test. This is a pretty big deal. If I ace the test I'll have the chance to study in Singapore. Remember how I said sort of exciting news. Well, here's the thing, I'm not sure I want to move away to another country and leave my family, my friends, my life. I'm starting to really enjoy my school as well as all the new friends I have made in the past couple of months. I can feel my life beginning to take shape and now I'm just gonna drop it? I don't know. I applied for the programme because of my parents, I wanted to make them happy after all they've done for me. I never actually thought I'll be accepted. I know, I know. I'm not technically accepted yet but I know once if I do well on the tests and they invite me to study in Singapore, that I have to go. Everyone will think i'm an idiot to give up such an opportunity. I'm soo confused right now. The entrance exam is next Saturday by the way.
Okay so I'm also running for a post in my Interact Club, well two post. Community Service Director and Sergeant-at-Arms. I have a ton of assignments to get done before we return to school. Being the procrastinator i am, it's been a week and I haven't started anything. I'm so not getting the post. I'm going to try though, starting tomorrow I WILL do something.
Anyways, I'm on holiday right now. Mid-term break! I have two weeks off, well actually, starting today, just one week left. My holidays have been pretty dull but I've started a new series, The Vampire Diaries. It's really good, I use to think that everyone was silly for getting so excited for "just" a show but um, I understand now. I completely understand. I'm on season 4 now and am actually currently watching it. That's pretty much how I've been spending my days. Any of you watch it? Who's team are you on? I've been switching a lot as i got into it but currently #Stelena. Haha talk to you guys soon :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Revlon JBK Balmstain

Another cult product. Was everywhere in the blogesphere last year and you still find a few posts about them popping up around here (Ahem like er......this one). Haha I got my hands on them last December and have been using it ever since. Mines in the shade Honey, a gorgeous soft pale pink. I love the colour is gives me such a pretty shade of pink. Perfect for a natural look which is what I pretty much go for like everytime. It's really moisturizing and goes on so smoothly. I see some people saying it drys out their lips but I haven't had that problem. It might be dues to the fact that I always apply a layer of lip balm underneath. (I know it's a balmstain already but well extra precautions doesn't hurt right?). I do think you should do that especially since it's a lipstain. It last for a good while, then just stains the lips nicely. As in it doesn't give your lips a patchy look, like different tones here and there. It settles in an even colour all across your lips. I'm pretty sure you guys have guessed by now that this is  a winner for me. How have you all been? I have my mid-terms in two weeks. I didn't even realise it was that close until today! I need to do really well, half the year has gone by and I haven't even started preparing for PMR. Now i'm getting pretty worried. Well other than that, my brother's birthday is next week. We're planning to watch Iron Man 3 for it. I can't wait! (Yes, Marvel fan right here) I saw the trailer and I just can't even explain to you how excited I am since.  *cough* ROBERT DOWNEY JR.*cough* Haha but honestly, he makes that show. It's either an actor makes or breaks a show and well he makes it. This year has soo many good films coming out; Finding Dory, Catching Fire, Fast and Furious 6, Safe Haven and loads more. I just can't wait to be done with exams and sit with my friends in a room with the lights out and a bucket of popcorn and have a movie marathon. What are you looking forward to?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekend haul #2

We went to the mall last Friday to get some shiny black shoes for my brother for his concert the following day so I took a little detour to H&M to check out the spring stock. There are a lot of animal prints in there or just animals basically. They had a whole jungle vibe going on with their Spring collection. There were a whole range of tiger clothing and I got extremely excited but my mum limited me to one piece so I picked up the dress, cause it look really striking and it reminded me of the cat dress from Top Shop (except its a tiger!!! & half the price) and then I bought that army green muscle tee cause' I have an outfit idea for it and it looked pretty versatile. I then stopped by the drugstore to restock on shampoo and I wanted to try the Simple moisturizer that everyone is raving about. My weekend was pretty dull except for the fact we spent all of Sunday fixing up my Ikea furniture. My dad finally ordered from them and they all arrived on Wednesday. I swear my room faintly smells of Ikea. I just need a storage for my books then i'm done. I'm gonna be giving way a whole lot from my insanely large book collection, just need to find a time to go through them. Once it's all complete a room tour should be heading this way soon. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Liebster Award!

Hey guys! I'm in a pretty happy mood right now. I just came home from a extremely exhausting treasure hunt all over KL. Super tiring but tons of fun annnd I made new friends. Also yesterday I visited Ikea with my family to finally do my room. I've been waiting since the beginning of last year for my room makeover and technically am still waiting  and yesterday we took a fist step in that direction, baby step nut still a step.
We went to pick out the furniture, we haven't bought anything but y'know baby steps.
Also I just found out I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Dare from Bright Eyes and Beautiful Lies. Just a little something to add to my joyful mood. Thank you so so so much Dare! I'd never thought my blog would be good enough for someone to actually like it haha but that gave me a beat of confidence. Hope you all go and check out Dare

Now for the rules:
1. You must share 11 things about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions your tagger has given you.
3. Choose 11 fellow blogs to nominate. (Nominees must have under 200 Google Friend Connect Followers and be told in a comment on their blog.
4. Next you need to think of 11 new questions to ask the bloggers you have nominated.
5. Finally, thanks the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

11 things about myself
1. I'm not patient at all when it comes to painting my nails.
2. I don't mind spending other peoples money (as in birthday/christmas money etc) but I'm so frugal when it     comes to mine.
3. I love reading.
4. I have extremely horrible eye sight.
5. I feel rain before anybody else, I don't know why but I just do. My friends call it my sixth sense.
6. I've named every single dog my family has ever had. (Yes, I'm proud of this and no I don't know why)
7. I love going to concerts though I haven't been to that many.
8. Can you believe that I actually used to like Maths?
9. I can never find my name on a key chain at the souvenir store :(
10. I wish I could own a pet tiger.
11. It's hard for me to think of facts about myself. 

11 Questions from Dare

1. Where are your top three places to travel?
America again (A different part probably), Egypt and Spain.

2. Who is your favourite Disney princess (or character)?
I love Aurora and Jasmine. I have to add Jasmine because thinking about it Aurora doesn't do much in her Sleeping Beauty, does she? 

3. Do you believe in anything supernatural?
Depends really. I would say no but there are times (especially after weird youtube videos or scary stories from my friends/family) that I doubt myself.

4. Who is your favourite author?
Sophie Kinsella, John Green, Cecelia Ahern and Meg Cabot.

5.  If you could choose one junk food to be magically turned healthy, what would it be?

6. If you could live in a world from a book, which would you choose?
I'm honestly not sure about this. 

7. What are your pet peeves?
Starers (?) People who stare at you without shame. It makes me really uncomfortable. Oh and people who leave my room without shutting the door.

8. What is your dream job?
Um, I'm not sure I know my dream life but dream job uhhh maybe an event planner? Something fun and exciting for sure.

9. What is your favourite accent?
British and Irish.

10. Sweet, salty, or savoury?

11. Why did you start blogging?
It seemed fun and I wanted to be more confident so I thought i'd give it a go.

Who I nominate:
Emalee from According to Em
Hollie from Bow Petals
Laura from Hiya Its Laura
Emily from Emily's Blog
Dasha from A touch of Turquoise

Questions for my nominees:
1. If you could have a wild animal as a pet, what would it be?
2. Favourite store?
3. A favourite quote?
4. If you could switch place with a celebrity, who would it be?
5. What is your favourite movie and book series at the moment?
6. How many countries have you visited?
7. What's one of your fears? Do you have any phobias?
8. Favourite youtuber(s)?
9. Where do you hope to see yourself in 20 years?
10. Do you speak any other languages?
11. Country girl or City girl?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Maybelline Colour Tattoo

Hey ya'll! I just got back from camp yesterday. Other than the fact I got bitten by a leech on my foot. Yes I screamed and ran a mile because that was so going to help get it off. I do really hate leeches now. I had so much fun. Went went rafting, went for a night walk and had this whole Samurai experience. Thing I'm gonna miss most is whispering/talking to my friends at night while our whole dorm is asleep.
Good times haih.
I'm back with a review for you. The Maybelline Colour Tattoos is such a hyped up product. I heard so many good things about so I just had to try em'. I picked up the MCT in Bad to the Bronze  since I thought it looked like a pretty neutral and easy to work with shade. The texture is really creamy and you get great colour payoff with just a dab. It blends really easily and looks great as a base or a full on colour. They don't crease and they last forever (Figure of speech right there). On my lazy days, I usually just swipe some across my lids and blend it in, add a bit of eyeliner and mascara and i'm done. You can add a darker shade in the crease or go for a more smoky look. It's perfect for both night and day. It's a great product, I love it! The colour selection here isn't that great but I hear in U.S you get a lot more. They come is neutral & brights and they have them in matte & frosts. I hope they bring more colours here. I have my eyes set on Tough as Taupe  and  Pomegranate Punk. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Yup, another blog on your dashboard complaining about this new stupid change.
So apparently Google have confirmed that they are shutting down Google Reader, that doesn't affect me in the slightest but there are some news that GFC might follow suit. Now THAT affects me.
I'm pretty sure Google is trying to convert everyone to Google+ but I'm happy with my current position so I don't understand why Google has to make this stupid change.
Anyway, I thought I should be prepared. So I made a bloglovin' account and you can follow me there after you made your own account. It's a really easy site to track all your favourite blogs and the best part about it is; You can import all the blogs that you currently follow straight to Bloglovin' so basically no hassle at all.
You can follow me there by clicking the follow button on my sidebar, it will direct you to the site.
Also comment below your bloglovin' links so I can follow you there!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

PLL Tag!


Found it on tumblr

Hey! Okay I need to apologize for disappearing so suddenly, I had an test this whole week so I was busy revising and freaking out. I totally forgot to mention it to you.
Anyways, yesterday I watched the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars, I think it was Episode 23. I was completely intrigued by it and then I found this tag on Youtube by Joey and Ingrid and thought Wow, perfect timing.
So I decided to do this tag today, because it really was fun listening to other peoples' theories.
I'm sorry if you don't follow PLL but I thought it was a fun tag so yeah. 
Oh and by the way if you hate spoilers make sure you are really up to date with the show before reading the tag because there might be quite a few spoilers in this post.

1. Who's your favourite character?
Definitely Hanna. I know she comes off as a little ditzy (a.k.a the dumb blonde in the group) but I think she has a good head on her shoulders and can be smart if she wants to. Even though she's a 'do, then think' person, she does it because she cares. And she is insanely funny and I quite like her snarky attitude.

2. Who do you think is behind the A Team?
This is a really tough one because I honestly have no clue. But I read the books so I do think there is a secret twin somewhere in all of this. That theory makes the most sense and it explains the girl in the red coat.

3. Who do you ship?
SPOBY!!! I love Spencer + Toby. Yes, I know they broke up and Toby is A but I think that he actually really loves Spencer and regrets all he has done to her and the other girls. I think Mona or the A Leader has some secret on him which is why he had to join the A Team. I think he is actually a good guy. (AND NO I DON'T BELIEVE HE DIED) ((If he did, it would be because he loved Spencer and he couldn't carry on so A had to shut him up somehow))

4. Most memorable cheesy/stupid moment in the show.
There are quite a few but I'm gonna agree with Joey on this. The woods thing, I mean COME ONE. If Paige didn't feel well, why didn't she just turn the car around and let Emily drive them home. It's that simple, but nooooo they just have to stop the car and go for a walk in the woods in the middle of nowhere at night. What did they think was going to happen?

5. Favourite Villain.
At the beginning Jenna because well she was so scary and I really felt that she would be willing to hurt them so much because of her hatred. But now Mona, Man is Mona scary! I sure as hell wouldn't want her after me. The way she leaves hidden messages in her public conversations to the girls is just so infuriating, I would want to hit her (Thank god, Spencer finally lost it and attacked her). And her overall way of making you know that SHE is in control.

6. Who do you think will become a villain?
That guy. I don't know what his name is. Do you guys remember that guy that Emily asked help from. The one that was supposedly Toby's 'friend'. Emily went to his house to look for Toby but he wasn't there and then he asked that guy about Toby. Then later, when she was suppose to meet Toby but he didn't show up, she went through a door because she was following the girl in the red coat and it led her to a workshop and that same guy was there  AND HE KNEW HER NAME even though she DIDN'T introduce herself. Haha I hope you guys know who I mean. Also Jason because of that stab wounds he had on his side which might be from Aria when she stabbed her attacker with a screwdriver.

7. Which  girl do you think gets hurt the most by A?
Spencer, No doubt about that. Her boyfriend was hurting her and her friends, her sister could possibly be a villain, A broke up her family, destroyed her chances of a prestigious college and ruined her relationship with her friends and family. A pushed her to the edge so much so that she was tired of being targeted that she joined the A Team *cries* (Theory: I think she might be going undercover to figure out who A is and the whole operation, she might still be good)

8. Which girl's style do you like the most?
Hanna again! Her style is my favourite, I love everything about it, it's just so classy and fabulous. I kinda like some of Aria's outfits, not all but some are pretty good.

9.  Why do the girls keep seeing Alison? Do you think there's something more behind it?
I think she's kind of like their guardian, every time she appears they are one step closer to A. But it's pretty messed up if you think about it, since she was the one who got them in this whole mess anyways.

10. Who's your crush on the show? ;)

Wes, Jason and Ezra. They are all do darn cute! I don't have a crush crush on them but  I think they are the hottest :D

11. Who is your least favorite character? (Out of the 4 girls and overall)

Umm, I love all the girls but based on the last few episodes I'm going to have to say Spencer, I don't know I fell as if she is a completely different person. Overall, I don't really have a least favourite character actually, maybe Wilden or Jason since I figure him out.

12. What was the biggest shocking moment for you?

When I found out Toby was A. The minute he turned around on the screen I just- I don't know I felt so sad and messed up. 

13. Do you think Toby is really dead?


14. What would you do if A was after YOU?!

Cry and hide in my room or cry and move to another country. Haha I don't know i'd be terrified but I'd tell my parents everything no matter the consequences.

I'm just adding my own question in here but

15. What is your favourite A text?

"Life is but a dream Hanna, and i'm your nightmare"
"Your next, bitch"

Okay, guys that's it. Congrats if you made it through the entire tag. 
This took me two days two type out haha but I really wanted you to understand :)
I tag all those PLL fans out there. If you enjoyed it and did the tag, give me your link in the comment section and I'll check it out. Also comment any of your theories about the show, I'd love to know. 
Here is the original tag by Joey and Ingrid, part two is on Ingrid's channel.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Harleys!

Hey everyone!
I wanted to share my new boots with you. My amazing dad bought me these Harley Davidson boots and I love them soo much. I've been looking for a pair of combats boots for a while and I happened to mention it to my dad and next thing I knew, these beauties were bought for me.
It has a black leather exterior with silver details and a thick, chunky sole. At first glance, I thought the sole was too thick and it would be heavy to lug my feet around all day but guess what? It wasn't (no surprise here). I grew to love them eventually. They weren't really comfortable at the beginning but I broke it in after a few more uses. I've been wearing them a lot so they are pretty scuffed up but nothing a little polish can't fix. I can't find the exact pair of boots and I don't know what mine are called (I forgot to check before I threw the box away haha) but I found these Jammie boots online that were more or less alike. They are pretty pricey but they are amazing quality and really worth the investment if you are going to wear them often. I love my pair and can't recommend them enough to you!