Thursday, March 21, 2013


Yup, another blog on your dashboard complaining about this new stupid change.
So apparently Google have confirmed that they are shutting down Google Reader, that doesn't affect me in the slightest but there are some news that GFC might follow suit. Now THAT affects me.
I'm pretty sure Google is trying to convert everyone to Google+ but I'm happy with my current position so I don't understand why Google has to make this stupid change.
Anyway, I thought I should be prepared. So I made a bloglovin' account and you can follow me there after you made your own account. It's a really easy site to track all your favourite blogs and the best part about it is; You can import all the blogs that you currently follow straight to Bloglovin' so basically no hassle at all.
You can follow me there by clicking the follow button on my sidebar, it will direct you to the site.
Also comment below your bloglovin' links so I can follow you there!

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