Monday, July 23, 2012

This or That tag

Hey so I realized that I have yet to do a tag so...


blush or bronzer

Blush. I rather the pretty rosy look over bronze goddess.

lip gloss or lipstick

Lip gloss. I am more of the natural look.

eye liner or mascara

Mascara because it is waay easier to apply.

foundation or concealer

Concealer. My skin is pretty good so I don't need that much coverage.

neutral or color eye shadow
Neutral. Refer to the second ;)

pressed or loose eye shadows
Pressed. It is a lot less messier

brushes or sponges
Brushes. I think they apply makeup a whole lot better.


OPI or china glaze

OPI. Just because I have never tried China glaze 

Long or short

This is a little tough. I hate my nails being short as they look a little awful but then again long nails are kinda scary so uhh short, I guess.

Acrylic or natural

Natural. How does anyone stay with one colour for such a long time, I like to switch it up.

Brights or darks 

Brights. I am a really cheerful person so I like bright things.

Flower or no flower 

Flower. I like designs on my nails (but i am crap at DIY).

perfume or body splash

Body splash. I like that is light and not over-powering.

lotion or body butter 

Lotion. Body butter to me is more for dry skin during cold weather but where I live it is summer all year so lotion is more suitable. I do like the scents of body butters better though.

body wash or soap

Body wash. I hate when soaps gets all slimy after a shower.

lush or other bath company 

Lush. I have never tried it as we don't have an outlet here but I hear they have amazing stuff.


jeans or sweat pants

Jeans. You will rarely see me in sweatpants.

long sleeve of short

Short. Summer all year round so it gets pretty hot sometimes.

dresses or skirts

Dresses. Honestly, I never know what to pair up with a skirt, dresses make it soo much easier.

stripes or plaid 

Stripes. I think they can be really pretty if worn well.

flip flops or sandals 

Sandals. They look prettier.

scarves or hats

Hats. What time is it?! Summer time!!!........sorry

studs or dangly earrings 

Studs. I would like to say dangly earrings but I don't wear them often.

necklaces or bracelets 

Bracelets. Arm candy!!!

heels or flats 

Flats. I have a. lot.

cowboy boots or riding boots

Cowboy boots....I don't really see the difference.

jacket or hoodie 
Hoodie. They are so comfy, it's incredible.

forever 21 or charlotte russe 
FOREVER 21!!! I love that store.

abercombie or Hollister

umm....ummm...we don't have those stores

saks 5th or nordstrom

Ditto above


curly or straight

Straight. I rather wavy but...

bun or ponytail

Ponytail. My most-worn hairstyle.

bobby pins or butterfly clips

Bobby pins. Life Hair-savers are those little things.

hair spray or gel 

Hair spray. I hate the way my hair becomes sticky because of gel.

long or short 

Long. I rather medium but most say, because I have a small face, short hairstyles suit me better but I had a bad experience when I was 10. Maybe I'll overcome it someday.

light or dark 

Dark. I have jet black hair.

side sweep bangs or full bangs

Side swept. Mine are in need of a trim.

up or down 

Down. Even though I wear my hair up most of the time.


Rain or shine

Shine. When it rains here, it rains.

Summer or winter

Winter. I want to experience a white Christmas so bad.

Fall or spring

Fall. I love autumn colours. 

Chocolate or vanilla 

Vanilla. This is hard. I enjoy chocolates but I adore vanilla ice cream and I love both their scents.

East coast or west coast
East coast? 

Sorry if it's really long. This is actually kinda fun.
So I tag

and you, of course.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hi guys! We went to Ikea the other day and I picked up these candles and the candle dish from their decorating department . 
The pink one has a Rose scent and the other smells like Vanilla.
They have a very very strong scent. I haven't even lit them yet and my room smells like Vanilla. It's not a bad thing but I just wanted to point that out. They have a lot of scents but these were my two favourites. Most of their scents are more plain, in a way, like Berries, Chocolate and I think there is a Cinnamon one. Not a great selection but I think they are pretty good quality. 
I mean you can't go wrong with candles.
I am in the midst of re-decorating my room and it has been a very long process. I've done the main things on my list like get a new closet and paint my room. I'm looking for a nice dresser and maybe get a new desk or DIY my old one. Also looking for decorations to go with my purple and white theme. 
Any suggestions?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Today I just wanted to share with you guys my new favourite editing site. 
It's called iPiccy.
Isn't that cute? Anyways after Picnik moved to Google I've been on the lookout for a new online editing 
website. I tried Picnik's new version in Google+ for a while but I didn't really like it.
I wanted a simple and versatile site that also has variety. Picnik was the one for me that has all those criteria (eventhough only members get more cooler tools) it was my go-to site.
I'd been looking for months I've tried Photobucket, Pixlr, piZap, Lunapic, Pixenate and so many others
then finally i found iPiccy.
It is so simple to use and has so many more tools. You can edit, add effects, captions, paint, clip art. You can even do collages and create paintings. I like that it is user-friendly. I'm not a computer genius so that is a must for me.
Just spend some time messing around on it and you'll get the hang of it.
Try it out, I'm sure you'll love it

Body Shop Lip Balm

Hey! My super sweet aunt who I simply adore surprised me the other day when I was visiting. 
She gave me a Body Shop Lip Balm! 
Okay, okaay. I get it, why the big fuss but I kinda freaked out cause this is my first item from there. I always loved Body Shop, my wishlist there grows all the time but unfortunately it's a very pricey wishlist. My aunt who is a member got it as a free gift as one of their promotions.
The lip balm don't get me wrong is amazing but I can't really see myself spending RM22 for it. It's a kinda deep red but quite sheer so it isn't too dramatic. It smells like a heaven, well a heaven full of cranberries. I like that the smell isn't over-powering and it's lasting ability is pretty good.
It is quickly becoming my favourite of all the lip balms I have.
I guess Body Shop has the right to be expensive cause' their products are great quality and like everything there, it smells divine. It helps that all their products are Eco-friendly too. 
All I have to say is if Body Shop is having a mega sale anytime soon you'll be sure to find me there.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Update #3

 Hi guys, I have test coming up in August which I'm so bummed about cause my last exam felt like it had just passed. I could have done another month without studying. As if thats not enough my piano exam is at the end of July and I am not ready. Im am horribly scared of my scales and side reading (kudos if you dont play but know what I mean)
Good news is my school is having a kinda-sorta carnival thing on Saturday so that should be fun. The unfair sad part is my school gets 50% of out profit so my teacher told us to charge based on getting 150% profits so we at least get 100% if that makes sense to you.
I feel like I am calling the kettle black, I know in my last post I said I dont like picture-less posts (it's not that I dont like it I just rather pictures) and this is my second one. Sorry my computer is having a little problem connecting to our wifi and I really wanted to blog so here I am blogging on my mum's tablet.
Okay late dinner time for me so see ya
P.s. I think I might be getting a cold