Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hi guys! We went to Ikea the other day and I picked up these candles and the candle dish from their decorating department . 
The pink one has a Rose scent and the other smells like Vanilla.
They have a very very strong scent. I haven't even lit them yet and my room smells like Vanilla. It's not a bad thing but I just wanted to point that out. They have a lot of scents but these were my two favourites. Most of their scents are more plain, in a way, like Berries, Chocolate and I think there is a Cinnamon one. Not a great selection but I think they are pretty good quality. 
I mean you can't go wrong with candles.
I am in the midst of re-decorating my room and it has been a very long process. I've done the main things on my list like get a new closet and paint my room. I'm looking for a nice dresser and maybe get a new desk or DIY my old one. Also looking for decorations to go with my purple and white theme. 
Any suggestions?


  1. I have the pink candle from ikea, it smells lovely but i noticed when its actually lit theres no scent at all.

    1. Really! Awww and there I thought I was getting a good deal on it


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