Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Body Shop Lip Balm

Hey! My super sweet aunt who I simply adore surprised me the other day when I was visiting. 
She gave me a Body Shop Lip Balm! 
Okay, okaay. I get it, why the big fuss but I kinda freaked out cause this is my first item from there. I always loved Body Shop, my wishlist there grows all the time but unfortunately it's a very pricey wishlist. My aunt who is a member got it as a free gift as one of their promotions.
The lip balm don't get me wrong is amazing but I can't really see myself spending RM22 for it. It's a kinda deep red but quite sheer so it isn't too dramatic. It smells like a heaven, well a heaven full of cranberries. I like that the smell isn't over-powering and it's lasting ability is pretty good.
It is quickly becoming my favourite of all the lip balms I have.
I guess Body Shop has the right to be expensive cause' their products are great quality and like everything there, it smells divine. It helps that all their products are Eco-friendly too. 
All I have to say is if Body Shop is having a mega sale anytime soon you'll be sure to find me there.

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