Monday, September 24, 2012

The Wanted & Maroon 5

I was so extremely lucky to be able to go to two concerts in a week. The Wanted on Monday and Maroon 5 on Thursday. I loved both of them. I am so totally obsessed with TW right now.
The concert was great. The best thing for me is that all the boys were just so interactive with the crowd, and they really knew  how to get everyone pumped. They sang among their hits (Glad you came, Chasing the Sun) Heart Vacancy,Warzone, Gold Forever and a few more. Kyle Patrick who is from the Click 5 opened for them. He sang, among other songs, JENNY! and his new single Go for Gold. I loved Jenny and the crowd did too as we did most of the singing.
My friend had spare tickets for Maroon 5 VIP, so she offered me one. How on earth could I refuse? The crowd has humongous (7000 people) and the show was spectacular. It was a proper concert with light shows and a grand entrance. The Cab (a band from Las Vegas) opened for them. I didn't really know them but I did like one of their songs called Bounce. Next, Adam Levine came on stage and the screams were deafening. He had some crazy cool dance moves and got the crowd moving with his catchy tunes. He started off with Payphone and ended with a remix version on Moves like Jagger. It was really great he even played the drums and guitar. I loved that he tried to draw attention to his band mates as much as possible, so nice of him. But obviously, everyone was just obsessed with Adam.
If you asked me which I liked more, I would say The Wanted. I love both bands (maybe TW a little more) but The Wanted was just incredible. It wasn't the best concert in terms of, well, class? I guess that's the word. But I feel they connected with the crowd a lot more and were really into it. They even had signing which I didn't go but apparently it was jam packed. They get extra brownie points for they're good looks and charm too. Joke. ;)
Sorry about the dodgy pictures by the way. I took them all on my brother's iPod. I didn't feel like lugging around my camera.
Oh and if you're wondering what I wore. For The Wanted: A blue knitted top with a camisole underneath, some high-waisted shorts and my mint converse. Maroon 5: Sheer patterned blouse, tucked in the same high-waisted shorts and my studded brown Bonita flats. All my clothing items are from Cotton On except the flats and converse which are branded. Sorry for no pictures as they are all in the wash.  Click here to see the post in which I featured the converse and blouse.
I am currently suffering from post-concert depression as my friends and I call it. I hope that The Wanted comes back soon (next year, maybe).
All of the photos are from my Instagram. Follow me @shametasiva on mobile or here online.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Book Haul

MPH was having a warehouse sale last week so I had to stop by. I haven't gotten any new reads in a long time and it was a pretty good sale. I bought...
Time of my Life, Cecelia Ahern
Viola in Reel Life, Adriana Trigiani
Reckless, Devious, Tempted by Cecily Von Ziegesar
The Lying Game, Never Have I Ever, Two Truths And One Lie by Sara Shephard
The Warlock and The Enchantress by Michael Scott
A quick review on the books I have read which are all three of the it girls and Viola in the Reel Life
I really enjoyed the the it girl novels. If you are into high-school drama and romance then this one is definitely your cup of tea. I liked it a lot and am planning on getting the whole series, I don't have any of the others from this series. Basically, it's about life in Waverly Academy (a co-ed boarding school for the rich) and it's variety of students. Each book has a different story, kinda like what's going on with the students lives. I don't want to get too detailed but I will say this, if you like Gossip Girl then you will love this. I personally loved these books.
Viola in the Reel Life was to me, a summer book. The kind of book which is a pretty good read but isn't all too exciting or adventurous, just okay. The kind of book you don't mind reading but rather not read it again or buy the next book in the series. Viola, a girl interested in film work is shipped off to boarding school by her parents who are shooting in Afghanistan. She was angry with them for leaving her alone in a place where she knows no one but finally understands their true reasons. She quickly becomes close with her four roommates and starts to adjust to her boarding school. Not one of my favourites but I guess it's okay.
I can't wait to start on the other books and more in-depth reviews will be coming soon.
In other news, Prince William and Kate Middleton are in Malaysia right now for the Queen's Jubilee. Kate looks gorgeous as usual and William just as charming. My final exams are starting soon, well in 5 weeks. I feel like I have to do a lot better for this exam as my results for my last exam wasn't very good. So I probably won't be posting enough, I'll try my best though.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Piano Grade 3

Hi guys!
So I'm pretty happy right now because I just got my piano exam results. I PASSED!!! In case you didn't know, I took my Grade 3 practical exam in July and have been waiting nervously since. The moment I stepped out of the exam/hotel room I instantly thought that I was going to fail. 
I have a love-hate relationship with my piano. I love playing when I can hear the melody flowing and I'm not messing up but I hate it when I mix up notes or pause a lot which makes gets me so frustrated. That is bound to happen when you are starting out a new piece of music which is why I don't practice often when I'm beginning (this gets my teacher sooo mad). When I get the hang of it, I love playing. I love watching my fingers moving on the keyboard and hearing the music come alive (as cheesy as that sounds). I mostly like playing movie themes and modern music, not a huge fan of classical. I've just done Colours of the Wind (Pocahontas) and am now learning to play My Heart Will Go On (Titanic). I am enjoying these pieces because I actually know how they're suppose to sound like and dread when I will move to classics later on.
Honestly, I didn't practice much and was a huuuuuge procrastinator. I was constantly being reminded by my mum that exam wasn't very far of and yaddiyaddiyah. I didn't really take much notice until it was a week away and then I started to panic. To really panic. I practiced all hours but I thought it wasn't enough. 
I had a pretty bad start, I greeted the examiner wrongly (How can I say Good Morning at 3pm???), I almost forgot my scales and I stumbled on my first piece. Not at all a good start. So I thought I was doomed to repeat the grade but I guess not. I did though, worry my piano teacher and mum a lot. My dad's just happy I don't make his ears bleed I guess (And I guess all dads aren't that hard to please). 
I got 115 which is 5 marks to a merit. Which is pretty sad, I mean if i had practice a little more I could have gotten a merit. All in all, I'm pretty happy with my marks and the fact that I passed. I'm deffinitely going to try a little harder next time.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend haul

Hey so last weekend, I went with my family to Cosmo's World Theme Park just for something to do. Honestly, I didn't enjoy myself very much. It wasn't crowded which was nice but I'm pretty sure (actually very sure as I have been there more then 5 times before) that they have shorten the duration on the rides. I was kinda disappointing. Anyway, one good thing that came out from the trip is these two buys. 
I cannot stress to you enough how long I have been wanting a knapsack like that. It is really in trend now, especially at my school. I personally love this trend! I've always had a soft spot for bags like this. I had a little black one like this ages ago that I brought everywhere and was extremely upset when it broke. I didn't really find another that caught my eye since then. I love this one though. An absolute steal at Rm25. I love the coral colour and the cute stripes. Somehow, I just don't think it is going to last because of the price and well the material but I like it non the less. I'm not going to mind that much if it falls apart as i'm planning on getting a really good, pretty, worth-your-money knapsack in LA.
The sweater, I. Love. It. I have a slight obsession with tigers, nothing scary but I can't help being fascinated by those gorgeous creatures. It does help that I am a tiger baby (My Zodiac Sign) . It was pretty pricey at Rm60 but I couldn't put it down. I chose the beige colour because I wanted the attention on the adorable tiger with a bow tie. It is incredibly soft and so comfortable. The sweater is tad too big for me though. I don't mind, I'll grow I hope. If not, I'll go for the slouchy look.

p.s.  I found a shop/stall that sells entirely popcorn. They have flavours like Cheese, Wasabi, CARAMEL, Curry and more. I got so excited it was silly. Being a popcorn addict, this was a major deal for me ;)