Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mini Haul

My whole family went to the mall last weekend just for some new shoes for all of us. So I picked up a couple of things, not much because I ran out of time.
I got the silk green (The lighting in the first picture is off, the second one is more accurate) hi lo shirt from Metrojaya, which is a department store. It's from a brand called Ying Yang. Probably the only clothing item that really caught my eye. I'm seriously liking the Hi Lo trend and this shirt is so pretty. I got the black sleeveless sheer patterned shirt from Cotton On. It was the only thing I picked up because I was with my mum picking out shoes for her and by the time I got there my sister was taking her things to the cashier. So I just grabbed it of the rack in the smallest size (I'm short petite) and added it to her pile. I love it so much! Thank goodness it fits, saves me the hassle of returning it but now I wish I picked up more. There was a bunch of those kind of shirts in different patterns, I wish I got another one. The last purchase is my mint sneakers from Converse. This one is the thick soled one. I wanted another pair that had a thinner sole because this pair was a little heavy for me, I prefer it lighter. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size for any of the lighter ones. Size 5 seemed to be pretty popular that day. I don't mind that much now, it's not as heavy on my feet and I love the bright colour.


  1. I really like the black and white blouse :) xxx

    1. Thanks! Im going to go back and get more soon :)x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm glad I got these in mint, there was a purple pair too :)x

  3. Love your shoes!x

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