Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend haul

Hey so last weekend, I went with my family to Cosmo's World Theme Park just for something to do. Honestly, I didn't enjoy myself very much. It wasn't crowded which was nice but I'm pretty sure (actually very sure as I have been there more then 5 times before) that they have shorten the duration on the rides. I was kinda disappointing. Anyway, one good thing that came out from the trip is these two buys. 
I cannot stress to you enough how long I have been wanting a knapsack like that. It is really in trend now, especially at my school. I personally love this trend! I've always had a soft spot for bags like this. I had a little black one like this ages ago that I brought everywhere and was extremely upset when it broke. I didn't really find another that caught my eye since then. I love this one though. An absolute steal at Rm25. I love the coral colour and the cute stripes. Somehow, I just don't think it is going to last because of the price and well the material but I like it non the less. I'm not going to mind that much if it falls apart as i'm planning on getting a really good, pretty, worth-your-money knapsack in LA.
The sweater, I. Love. It. I have a slight obsession with tigers, nothing scary but I can't help being fascinated by those gorgeous creatures. It does help that I am a tiger baby (My Zodiac Sign) . It was pretty pricey at Rm60 but I couldn't put it down. I chose the beige colour because I wanted the attention on the adorable tiger with a bow tie. It is incredibly soft and so comfortable. The sweater is tad too big for me though. I don't mind, I'll grow I hope. If not, I'll go for the slouchy look.

p.s.  I found a shop/stall that sells entirely popcorn. They have flavours like Cheese, Wasabi, CARAMEL, Curry and more. I got so excited it was silly. Being a popcorn addict, this was a major deal for me ;)


  1. Absolutely loving the bag! So cute - great share :)


  2. the bag is gorgeous! love the colour!



  3. Nice pullover.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
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  4. That jumper is SO darn CUTE! I want it!

    great blog hun, i'm now following


  5. omg the jumper and bag are amazing *w*

    xoxo Elli<3

  6. Such a cool bag!!! Gorgeous stuff xx


  7. Cute bag! Thanks for following :)


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