Thursday, July 5, 2012

Update #3

 Hi guys, I have test coming up in August which I'm so bummed about cause my last exam felt like it had just passed. I could have done another month without studying. As if thats not enough my piano exam is at the end of July and I am not ready. Im am horribly scared of my scales and side reading (kudos if you dont play but know what I mean)
Good news is my school is having a kinda-sorta carnival thing on Saturday so that should be fun. The unfair sad part is my school gets 50% of out profit so my teacher told us to charge based on getting 150% profits so we at least get 100% if that makes sense to you.
I feel like I am calling the kettle black, I know in my last post I said I dont like picture-less posts (it's not that I dont like it I just rather pictures) and this is my second one. Sorry my computer is having a little problem connecting to our wifi and I really wanted to blog so here I am blogging on my mum's tablet.
Okay late dinner time for me so see ya
P.s. I think I might be getting a cold

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