Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update #2

Hey guys, I feel the need to explain so here it is.
I love blogging but sometimes (don't laugh) I have no clue what to post. So i have decided I will just post, anything and everything that interests me will be on this blog. Okay maybe not everything but you get what I mean. Whats going on with my life, some hauls, reviews, picture posts, all sorts of things stuffed in this little blog. So there, one problem solved.
Next up, okay this is probably just me and it's very kinda weird. I don't really like doing posts that has no pictures. Not sure why, maybe I like pictures. I don't mind pictureless-posts every once in a while but most of the time pictures are nice. Thing is, my family has a pretty decent camera that we share. So it's pretty annoying cause the camera has a billion pictures in it that everyone takes but never bothers to transfer them out (myself included). This means if I take a picture planning to blog with it, someone else (I never know who) will delete it for their own pictures. This is very very very frustrating. I wish I had my own camera but I don't think my dad's gonna get me one anytime soon. I had one that got stolen along with a whole bunch of other things but that's a long story. My parents got me another one, it's no DSLR but it's a pretty good one overall. The problem with this camera is that it runs on batteries. This means that it dies extremely fast which is also a very frustrating thing.
Next problem, unsolved.
I don't have a laptop. This is so annoying because I have to share the family computer with my brother and sister. Meaning it's battle of the siblings every day for computer rights. This is super tiring and did I mention annoying. Every other 14 year old I know has one even the ones I don't know. My parents bought me and my sister an iPad for Christmas last year (my dad lost mine and has yet to replace it). I don't get why to them it's okay to have an iPad but not a laptop. Is there a huge difference?
Third problem, will probably remain unsolved until I reached the mature age of 18.

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