Sunday, November 24, 2013

New gem!

Honestly, I used to think watches served only one tell the time? Yeah, I was never much of a "watch person". Though I have to say that kinda thinking flew out the window couple years back. The main reason being the introduction of the infamous Rose Gold Michael Kors watch. I bet a bunch of you were dying (paraphrasing here) to get your hands on it as well. I don't know why but I just thought it was such a classic piece. Only turn off from the beauty was the hefty price tag. But because of that specific piece I wanted a watch with a chain-link strap not the regular belt-like-hole-punched ones. Two reasons for this, a) cause it looks infinitely more chic and b) because the belt like ones look ridiculous one my tiny wrists. That's probably one of the reasons I never wore watches, they always kept sliding up and down my wrists because they never fit right and my dad always had to punch more holes it so that they could fit but doing so the excess strap looked so weird just hanging there. Anyways, after my last one which I had for four, yup FOUR years finally stopped ticking, I thought it was about time to get a new one not to mention I had PMR coming up so I needed a watch to sit for the exam papers. So in comes this beauty, courtesy of my dad of course. I was planning on getting an ICE watch but my dad and I couldn't agree on any of the designs so we wondered around and found this gem at Guess. We had a hard time deciding between this or a white one with gold detailing but we eventually settled for this because as the sales lady put it "who can go wrong with black?" Agreed! We had to remove some links and it fits perfectly for the first time ever! The great thing is you can always go back to add links as you grow, I keep all the spare links in the pouch it comes with. Isn't it adorable, it's a black quilted pleather bag with a guess charm on it. I really like my watch, the face is a simple, classic design...just my style! I totally recommend checking out Guess if you're on the market for a new watch. Talk soon xx


  1. Lovely!!
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  3. Nice post! If you're interested, I've nominated you in the Liebster award here -

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  5. love love love the watch!!!



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