Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mini haul

Hey everyone, I thought I'd share with you my very very few purchases that I made while I was out with my friends yesterday. I went with my two bestfriends to the mall just to basically hang out, we didn't have a plan really. We wanted to watch The Conjuring but that didn't work out as we are 3 years too young haha. It was still a really good day, we ate, talked, shopped, had manicures done, talked, ate and then headed home. And the first picture is how my manicure turned out, I chose a bright strawberry red while my two friends did a pastel sky blue and a dark gothy purple respectively. I quite liked how it turned out, I call them my Cruella Nails haha. Sadly I managed to scuff up two nails on that day itself which I moaned about but eventually got over. While at the mall, I picked up this gorgeous maxi dress from Cotton On. I couldn't thank my friend enough because she was the one that made me try it on, I was kinda tired and bored at the time but she didn't give up on me. And I'm glad she didn't cause I love how it looked on. I might feature it in a OOTD post soon if only I can master taking shots without a tripod as well as the self timer. Also we stopped by Rock Corner and I bought Bastille's album Bad Blood! I was pretty stoked to find it there cause I've been wanting it for a while. I had to make a choice between Bad Blood or Native by One Republic because my wallet couldn't afford both. Bad Blood won because 1. I love Bastille so so much and 2. As my friend said, I'll be hearing One Republic live pretty soon anyways. Yup, that's right! Me and my friends are going to One Republic's concert this month. It's on Halloween and we're going to have a sleepover after which should be trés fun. 
Don't you just love the holidays?


  1. Bastille is the best!


  2. wonderful blog dear! <3
    would you like to follow each other?
    just let me know

  3. Really like your life style


  4. I LOOOOVE Bastille! and the top you´ve bought is really pretty ♥

  5. The top is so lovely! I really like your blog! X


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