Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Room Ideas: Customizing Cork boards

So I'm starting off my "Room Ideas" series with a simple project, customizing a cork board. You can make it into practically anything a bulletin board, a memo board, a photo gallery, like I said anything. 

Both of them look pretty cool. Decorate your board with pattern paper and use some ribbon for the memo board look or a plain background  with a striking border. For me I went with a simple layout.

I got mine from Ikea, it came with 10 thumbtacks and some string and hooks.
It looks so dull doesn't it and the lighting doesn't do it justice.

I painted the border white to go with my room's theme, White and Purple.

I stapled some purple wrapping paper on it and it looks way better than before 

My brothers


This is how it looks with (top) and without (bottom) the wrapping paper. I didn't go for the ribbon design because I think it looks fine without it. So then I decorated it, i put old movie/concert/musical tickets (The sound of music, Glee in 3D...) on it and some of my favourite shops price tag(Cotton On...), magazine articles, some of my wanted items and just bits and bobs. Also, yes that is a boomerang on top of it.

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