Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Room Ideas: Earrings Organizer

Hello everyone, I've been looking all over the place for a jewelry holder, especially for my earrings. They're all jumbled up in a box. I sorted through them the other day and I found a few earrings that I have never ever worn and forgotten about. To me I need to be able to see all of them so I won't loose/misplaced/forget about them. I know about the picture frame idea, but on the day I couldn't find any wire, lace or any proper material. I had this old lathered tights sitting at the back of my cupboard for the longest time and when I pierced an earring on it, it held. Then started my tights-shoe box earring holder.

All your going to need for this simple project
  1. A sturdy shoe box lid
  2. An old pair of tights/leggings
  3. Some Styrofoam 
This third one is optional, my organizer is going to hold dangling earrings and studs. Is your is just dangling earrings skip it.
These were some Christmas decorations that my mum didn't want anymore, after you unwrapped it, it was just Styrofoam cubes. Which saved me the trouble of cutting up a Styrofoam board.

I stuck some strong double-sided tape to the bottom of the lid and arranged the Styrofoam on it.

Next I cut off one of my tight's leg, slipped the lid into it and stapled it down with a staple gun. And voila, your simple earring organizer.


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