Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Haul

Hey, I have decided to split my haul into two; Christmas haul & What I got for Christmas. I didn't want to cram all into one very long post. All the stuff here are from different places bought at different times. Also please don't thing I'm trying to brag because that isn't my intention at all, I truly appreciate everything I've received. 
On with the haul...

I bought this Supergirl perfume in the scent Trendy Me. I actually wanted Sweet Me but they didn't have that. I kinda like this one because the smell is more unique than most of the scents in the collection.

I love this lip balm. It's by Maybelline New York in the colour Cranberry. I've been using this a lot now, it's definitely the best hydrating and moisturizing lip balm I have. It's also tinted, it hydrates my lips while adding a little colour to them.

The left picture is a compact powder in the shade warm beige(sorry there isn't a picture of the shade, I tried but the I couldn't take a picture of the exact shsde) and next to it is a blush. Both are from a brand called IN2IT.

I got this sheer lip gloss in the shade Hot Kiss too. I've never heard of this brand but wanted to try it out cause I really like the colour. I wasn't super pleased with the results, the gloss was too sticky and not that smooth for me. It looked great but I don't really like the feel of it.

Love this, it's the perfect smoky eye combination.

I was instantly attracted to this. The colours aren't matte which is why this is perfect for the neutral look.

I have a lot of liquid eye liners so I thought I'd try this.

I've heard and seen tons of good reviews on this product from blogs and youtube. I'm currently using the Whitening Scrub to exfoliate my face and wanted to see how this works out for me. 

I've been told that tea tree oil is good for your skin and obviously aloe vera is  too but I've always heard and never experienced so when I so this.....

The last thing of this haul is this dress. I love it and think it's perfect for a night party/dinner. It's from a brand called Dressing Paula. I got two other dresses too, one's a green wrap dress with a braided skinny brown belt and the other is just black and lace. The green one was my Christmas dress and my favourite of the lot, I'll get a picture up soon for you guys.

So that's all for my haul. The prezzies will be up next. See ya!!!


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