Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Universal Studios

Hey, so last week was my sister's birthday and my mum took me and my siblings to Singapore. My dad wasn't able to make it because he had a lot of work to do. Anyway, we flew over for three days and as expected, it was AMAZING.

We set out pretty early because we wanted to be ahead of the crowd. My mum has already bought our tickets online some we just purchased our Express pass. I really think it's worth getting the express pass especially if you are on a short trip, Universal is a popular place. Tons of locals and foreigners come and since we came when it is at peak, the place was packed. Express can only be used once for each ride though.

The first ride we went on was Battlestar Galactica. My brother was ecstatic because he passed the height limit and could ride on it. There are two rollercoasters; Human the red one and Cyclon the blue one. It's pretty cool, you have to walk through a pretty gruesome tunnel. I like Cyclon better just because I think it twist and turns more. Saying that it was a bit of a bummer as both rides only last 20 second but is only a five minute wait.

By far, Revenge of the Mummy is my favourite ride. I went on it twice and it was awesome. When you walk in it is really cold and like the inside of a pyramid. The ride is just- all I have to say is sit at the front or right at the back for this ride. I kinda like the front because it is more frightening; it feels like you are alone in there. 

Okay, we made the mistake of not going to this ride first and we had to wait an hour for it. We had this plan to line up for all the rides first and the second time use our express pass. Universal is big and you are lucky if you get to go on all the rides and attractions they have. There's so much to do and one day is not enough. Anyway Transformers is AH-MAAZING, the effects are just superb. It's like you are going into battle against the decepticons and you have to save the allspark from getting into their hands. In the end you save Optimus Prime and kill Megatron. There's this one bit where it's like your falling off this tall building and just as your going to crash Bumblebee saves you, that part was the best. Two tips for this ride; DON'T go when you've just eaten (the second time, i did that. I couldn't really enjoy it because I was busy trying to settle my stomach) and DO use your express pass for this ride or come early and go on this first.


 Hollywood and New york has a lot of attractions. There's this one place I think in New york where you can see how the special effects in movies are achieved and in Hollywood you can get pictures with famous movie stars, for example Frankenstein, Betty Boob, Woody woodpecker, Marilyn Monroe and more. I really wanted a picture with Marilyn but the line is awfully long and she came out a little later when we were leaving. If you want a picture prepare to wait a while, I did get a picture with Betty boob though.

Our trip was amazing, it rained a little and well I got soaked (DO NOT go on the mummy ride when you're soaked, you will freeze). We got to watch the Waterworld show. Which was really good. In Far, far away, we saw Shrek in 4D, that was fun. And we got to see a street show, they were like awesome. They did cool stunts and dance moves.

We went to Madagascar too which wasn't that great to me. I got a few souvenirs and lots of pictures. I have to say that Universal Studios is definitely a trip to remember. 

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