Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yadah skincare

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Hey! Like you all know, my camera is problematic and is currently being serviced so there wasn't much chance for me to blog. So I got incredibly excited when I realised I could blog from my mum's Samsung Tab. The quality's not the best but a little editing helped. So here I am with a little review for you. A while ago, I won a online giveaway that Seventeen Magazine was having. I was soo excited since it was the first giveaway I had ever won. I literally couldn't believe it when I received and email saying I had won RM150 worth of Yadah products.
Yadah is a botanical skincare line specifically targeted at teenagers and young adults. It's a Korean brand that had just recently launched here.
First of all, how cute is that bag! All three products came in that little black glossy makeup/toiletry bag. And they all have super cute and sturdy pacakaging.
I received the Bubble Deep Cleanser, Moisturising Cactus Mist and the Handcream.

Bubble Deep Cleanser
This is probably the product I liked best. It is a gentle foaming facial cleanser that doesn't irratate my skin or sting my eyes. Eventhough the product says suitable for all skin types, I find it can be a little drying around my nose area. I read that foaming products rather than cream or gel tend to be a bit more drying so I think that's why. It leaves my skin refreshed and does not strip the natural oils of my face. It smells amazing, I couldn't place it at first just very fruity but know it reminds me of Mandarin oranges. Also I think it can last quite a bit because I only need half a pump to lather my entire face.

Moisturising Cactus Mist
The Mist I received was a little faulty. It comes in a spray bottle as you can see but the one I received had a problem with the spraying pump thing so I couldn't spray out the actual product. So I poured out a bit on a cotton pad and dab it lightly over my face. I don't think this method worked very well because I find that i put more than enough product on my face which cause my face to be slightly sticky. I think I'll get a little spray travel bottle from the drugstore and use it with that. On to the actual product, I feel this product is a great pick-me-up. It gives a little extra moisture to your face if it's dry and tired so it feels a lot more refreshed.

This is probably the product I liked the least. Maybe just because I wasn't too fond of the scent, i can't explain the smell. It's a very nature scent (Sorry i'm horrible at this). Anyway, the product itself is creamy, thin consistency and it sinks fast into your skin. It does moisturize your hands and it supposedly has anti-aging properties. Nothing to great about this so I probably wouldn't repurchase.

I would probably only repurchase the cleanser but then it is pretty pricey for what it is and isn't that easy to find. Saying that, I'd like to try a some products from their makeup line, especially the Angel BB cream. I think Yadah is good skincare line especially for those with sensitive skin as the products are natural and don't aggravate your skin.

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