Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013, please be nice to me

Hey everyone!
It's been a while since you've heard from me, eh? Since coming home from my long holiday, I've been moving non-stop. What with Christmas, my cousins visiting, birthdays, and obviously new years. I'm writing this just after a family lunch at my house which lasted quite a while.  And I feel quite exhausted actually (Doesn't help that school starts tomorrow).

Anyways, I'd thought I'd try to sum up 2012 for me.
2012 was the year I met my best friends. It's the year I finally realised what i've been missing out on for a while, true friendship. Not the kind that fizzles out after a while. I've finally learned to forget those who forgot you and move on to better things. The amount of laughs and jokes and drama we've been through is incredible. We always use to say "If laughing burned calories, we'd be sticks" or something like that.  We've only been friends for a year now but I'm sure there will be more to come.
2012 was the year of my first concert. The bestest (is that even a word) concert ever. The Wanted. Since then I've grown to love that band and become totally obsessed with them. I was also incredibly lucky to go to Maroon 5 too! One of my favourite childhood bands.
2012 was the year I visited America for the first time (OoooOoooOoooOooo....anyone else had that song play in their head) My most favourite holiday ever! I love California. And I hope that I'd be able to live there someday.
2012 was the year I started this blog! I think I created it end of 2011 and totally forgot about it. In 2012 I started posting and redesigning my blog. I love blogging I know i'm not consistent but i'm trying to change that. I want to learn how to schedule posts. I tried doing that during my hols but it didn't turn up so I need no mess around on blogger a bit more.
Some of the memorable things of my year. All in all 2012 wasn't my best year. But i'm not going to dwell on all that. A new year is a new beginning. The perfect time to make changes and be changes. Forget the past and relish the present.

Okay, time for resolutions!

  1. I need to change myself. Stop complaining, comparing, and being a pain. Be the person who you wish  others would be to you.
  2. I need to be more confident this year. And a lot less shy. Speak up. Don't just make scenarios up in my head. Make them happen. 
  3. I need to get fit. I'm serious this time. Exercise at least once a week and cut back on all things yummy and unhealthy. No excuses. 
  4. Focus. This year no more messing around. I've been given a wake up call. I need to change my ways. Study hard and focus on my goals. 
  5. My room! Arghhh, redo-ing my room has been and extremely loooooong process. I am going to get it done excactly to my taste this year.
  6. PMR. It's a major exam all 15 year olds have to sit for. I need straight As for it so I get to go in Science stream. And to make my parents proud. (The world was suppose to end and make me forget about this)
  7. Oraganize myself. Make time for play and work.
  8. Blogging. I've only done a few posts now an then but I really want to change. I'll try to posts more often and be a better blogger.
So there! I'll get back to you guys next year to see how things have turned out. 
Hope you all have a Happy New Year!!!

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