Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Update #4

Hey guys! You might have noticed I've changed my blog name. Well I wasn't very happy with my old one and been playing around with names for a bit. I came up with this one in class. The teacher asked for a title to name our essays, I answered Honest Mistakes. She chose something else but whatever, at least I have a blog name now :) I've been thinking of changing for awhile and what better time to do it then now. It's the beginnng of the year. A new year full of changes. The layout on this blog will be changing here and there for a bit while I find something i'm happy with. I'm not to tech savvy so it may take some time. Just a little post to keep you updated. Btw I can't find my camera charger once again. This happens waaay too much and im so sorry. Im really really want to blog but without my camera its just not possible.

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