Friday, February 8, 2013

25 Random Facts about Me

Hey! So I've seen this tag floating about the blogosphere a lot recently. I thought it is a pretty fun tag and I did enjoy reading other bloggers version so I thought why not do my own.

  1. Only a handful of people call me by my full name. I'm mostly known as Sham. (Even my Standard 5 Science teacher called me that!)
  2. I've only been admitted in the hospital twice my whole life. Once when i was very young and the second time, around three days ago.
  3. One of my fondest memories happen to be the first time I was admitted in the hospital.
  4. I have never broken any bones, fractured anything or pull/tore any muscles.
  5. I love traveling.
  6. I want to live in America someday.
  7. I have two dogs and a pond full of fish.
  8. My last name happens to have two of The Wanted (A band I'm obsessed with) members names in it. So basically, we're practically married....
  9. I've always been pretty tough but recently (after watching The Impossible) the sight of blood or anything to do with it makes me a little nauseous.
  10. I love Pretty Little Liars and Friends.
  11. I know it's weird but I really really like Ikea. I don't even know why.
  12. I have Asthma.
  13. I am a huge bookworm.
  14. I am extremely indecisive. So much so that even I get annoyed with myself!
  15. I hate getting tan! To make matters worse, I get tan so darn easily.
  16. I'm kinda scared to start driving.
  17. I wish I could keep a tiger as a pet. I get so fascinated by them and i wish people would stop killing them.
  18. I am so short. 
  19. I could fall asleep literally anywhere.
  20. I prefer sweets to salts (e.g. chocolate to crisps)
  21. I hate mosquitoes.
  22. I went on an student exchange program to Australia for two weeks when I was 12. One of my most memorable experiences ever.
  23. I want to have a white Christmas.
  24. Because of my height, I look a lot younger than I actually am. I still get mistaken for a 12 year old. It comes in handy sometimes, I can getaway with paying less for a movie ticket.
  25. I've stood on an ostrich egg before when I was younger (it didn't break)

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