Thursday, October 23, 2014

Happy Deepavali!

Hey everyone! Yesterday was Deepavali so I thought I'd share my outfit with you. For anyone wondering Deepavali (or Diwali) is a Hindu festival. This year was pretty special considering it's the first year I'm wearing a saree. Granted it's a half-saree set  that everyone is just so dead keen on reminding me about but nevertheless it still is one! And just so you know, I absolutely loved it! I think the colour and design and everything is just gorgeous. We bought the material in India and had it sewn here. The top is a halter neck with a bareback and then the bottom half is just a regular long fitted skirt. It's basically a two piece outfit with that scarfed wrapped around it to give an illusion of a saree. I could wear it without the scarf if I wanted to. Two days before, my friend and I caught the LRT to KL Sentral and managed to find our way to Little India to get henna done on our hands. It was pretty nerve-wracking since we were using public transport by ourselves and the fact that we were clueless about that part of the city. A little help from google maps and some walking later we made it! It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be and it didn't take that much time to walk either. Basically, we were really proud of our efforts. I got a manicure done as well in a really pretty deep purple. My friend helped pick it out and I absolutely love it because it compliments the yellow tones in my saree perfectly. Not to mention it goes well with the henna too. I got the design for the henna online and then the lady who did it also added her own twist. We didn't have too big of a celebration this year for Deepvali. Just invited family and friends over for lunch and dinner, it was day well spent with them.
Talk soon xx

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