Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Nails!

Happy Halloween! You can't even begin to imagine how long nail art can take for a (semi) perfectionist to complete. Looking at my nails you probably think that it's pretty simple, maybe an hour at the most to do. Well, it took me ages to do and redo, multiple hours to be precise. One of the reasons why I prefer getting a manicure rather than doing it myself. Anyway, here was what was on my nails this Halloween, a pretty basic manicure. Some blood drips and a spider web which to me, points towards the Vampire scene. Basically, I applied the regular base coat then proceeded to paint my nails black. But the polish I used had this slight sheen to it, like toned down shimmer. I really liked the effect i had on my nails rather than plain old glossy black. I used the red polish a drew a messy thick line at my nail tips then took the skewer sticks (because I could't find any toothpicks) and added a drop of red polish then dragged a thin line to the tips. I prefer thin lines rather than a thicker one because it looks a lot more real. For the web, I used a striper to make curved diagonal lines then joined them up with little dashes. Finally, just added some top coat to seal in the design and I really really recommend you don't skip this step especially for the blood nails because those might smudge easily if not totally dried. The top coat helps prevent that while adding a glossy sheen. I'm not entirely sure my explanation is understandable but if not I think the pictures above are pretty self-explanatory. If you have some glitter or sparkly transparent polish you should use them for one (or both all up to you) of the remaining nails. It's what I would have done but I didn't have any. How did you spend Halloween this year? I went to Nights of Frights 2, kinda like a spooky theme park. The haunted house I went to was pretty disappointing, I wasn't scared at all. Wish I went for the other one since there were two of them. Other than that it was fun, there were loads of people dressed up with creepy theatrical make-up and you could take pictures with them and the rides were fun too! Hope everyone had a great Halloween this year.
Talk soon xx

p.s. does anyone know what on earth is up with all these ads?? I'm not affiliated with any of them. Is there a way to permanently remove them because they are hella annoying.

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