Thursday, June 25, 2015

Picnic in the Park

It was a sunny sunny morning well spent with my club. We're a charity club known as Interact Club and I just so happen to be the Vice President. Gaining my post happens to be one of the highlights of this not-so-great year by the way. We decided to have a little potluck picnic post deepavali. So we gathered at this lovely park, set out the food and well devoured it. As you can probably see, my club has a bit of a sweet (and extremely unhealthy) tooth. We did have fruits though! If that helped our case. It was truly a yummy sight...halloween themed doughnuts,  congo bars, caramel brownies, festive cupcakes and well you can make out the rest. It was all going fine and dandy....until the monkeys came. And I'm being extremely literal right here, the park with it's woodsy interior was the home of monkeys. They left us alone for a while but i think the food was just too good to stay away from. So they pretty much ambushed us, the sneaky creatures. A flurry of teenage screams and extreme food packing later, we more or less surrendered in the battle and ran for our lives. Well, ran to the opposite end of the park. We filled the last hours of the morning with games and then said our goodbyes. Later, a couple of board members and I made our way to a club for some bowling. After I quite spectacularly lost the game (I was still at around 40 points while the rest of them were either reaching or passed the 100 mark when we finished the game) we made our seperate ways home. It was a great day overall and i can't wait to have more days like these when the holidays near.
Talk soon xx

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