Wednesday, May 25, 2016

RT brushes!

I have been coveting these brushes for years. Ever since I heard Pixiwoo came out with their own line of affordable makeup brushes I've been dying to get my hands on them. But I never could justify the shipping fee for these if I were to order them from home. Everyone raved about them for being amazing quality brushes for a comparatively affordable price. And after watching countless reviews and hauls, I decided it's time to finally buy them. But obviously with me it's either go big or go home. So I placed an order for the core collection, starter set and blush brush all together. I've only used the starter set so far and they are a dream. The crease brush especially is amazing and makes blending my eyeshadow all that much easier. But admittedly, I'm most excited for the blush brush. I've always been a blusher gal and this brush has just the perfect shape and size to lightly sweep a nice wash of colour across my cheeks. Not to mention the bristles are amazingly soft. Personally, I think I won't get as much use out of the detailer brush, foundation brush and fine liner brush. Mainly because I rather use the buffing brush for foundation/concealer and for eyeliner, well I always preferred a more angled brush. But they're still pretty handy to have anyways so I'll give them a go and see how they work out for me. The next Real Techniques brush I have my eye on is probably the powder brush. It just looks so big and fluffy and soft and I just really want it. There isn't really a viable reason to purchase it yet other than the fact my current powder brush needs to be retired soon anyways. I can't wait to try out the rest of these brushes and I'll be sure to let you know how I get along with them.

Talk soon xx


  1. I love the RealTechniques brushes! So soft and easy to use xx

    Check out my blog?

    1. They definitely are! Will do, thanks for the link :) xx


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