Friday, June 3, 2016

Holiday Packing

Summer break is starts next week and unfortunately for me, I only have a week of freedom before it's back to school. On a brighter note, I'm spending that week (Or well, 5 days really) in sunny Barcelona! I'm so excited about this trip. It's a short holiday but I've always wanted to visit Spain and now I finally am. I'm heading to Barcelona with a friend of mine and we'll be staying right in the city. Since it's a relatively short holiday and we're travelling via a budget airline, I'm only bringing a carry on as my luggage. In the beginning, I was worried because I have a severe overpacking tendency and how was I supposed to fit everything I need in 10kgs?? I'm indecisive so I always like having multiple outfit options, which in turn leads me to bring a lot more clothes than I necessary need. I couldn't do my usual routine of stuffing my closet in a suitcase for this trip so instead, I decided to plan my outfits before I leave, something I usually never do. I set 5 outfits aside, a beach outfit, a night out one and a couple day to day ones. I also put some more versatile accessories that would suit the outfits - a black floppy hat, a brown belt, a dainty necklace and a choker. And of course, two sunglasses that I forgot to include in the pictures above. I'm only bringing along a pair of black slip-ons and some sandals for footwear. For makeup, I had to keep it more or less minimal. The toughest thing was limiting myself to only 3 lip products. I usually pick my lip colours based on my mood so restraining myself from dumping like 6 or more lipstick options in my bag was tough. I won't be blogging while I'm away mainly because I'm leaving my laptop behind (cough 10kg limit cough) but I'll update with tons of pictures when I get back.

Talk soon xx

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