Thursday, June 9, 2016

Outfits of Spain

Black long sleeve top & tan shorts - H&M, Choker - Asos, Sunglasses - Monki, Red bag - Longchamp, Pink blouse - idk, leather shorts - H&M, Silver necklace - gifted, Crop top - Forever 21, Flowy pants - Primark, Black slip ons - New Look

Well, the outfits I remembered to document anyways. We left for Barcelona at the end of May which meant that Spring was just ending and Summer was just beginning. I pretty much packed for sunshine really, didn't even bother to check the temperature which was a rookie mistake. The only smart thing I did was bringing along my denim jacket because while the days were pretty warm, the nights did get a little chilly. Even on the beach, whenever I was reading in the shade my legs got pretty cold. However, applause for Spain's amazing weather during our time there, not a single drop of rain which was such a relief because I didn't pack for a wet holiday at all. I stuck with shorts for most of the trip because towards June, the days started getting pretty hot. I wore some tan shorts with an off the shoulder long sleeve top when we were visiting Park Guell. Kept it simple with a choker, my sunnies and a brown belt for accessories. For when we went up Tibidabo Mountain, I wore a cold shoulder pink chiffon blouse with some faux leather shorts. I've only just realised that this top is pretty much the only pink item in my closet. I do love it though, it's such a light and breezy blouse that seems perfect for summer. I can't remember where I got it because it was ages ago but I do wish I had bought more. All I wore with this outfit was a dainty silver necklace. We visited the Sagrada Familia in the evening, so I opted for these flowy trousers to face the chillier weather and because well I am going to a church. I adore these pants! I left my flowy pants back home and was searching for some new ones and I couldn't believe my luck at finding such a pretty pair at Primark. We visited Edinburgh for a little shopping before our holiday and I was quite impressed with Primark's Spring collection when we dropped by, they had quite a nice selection. I paired the pants with a plain black crop top and my denim jacket. I wore black slip ons with all the outfits because honestly, we did a lot of walking everyday and I just wanted to be comfortable. We practically covered half of Barcelona on foot I'm sure. It's a wonder our legs didn't fall off. I'll do a post on what we got up to during our trip asap. The holidays have ended and I've just started the second semester of my programme. Still trying to get back into the swing of school again. Oh by the way, I started watching Game of Thrones and I am absolutely loving it. Any shows that you are currently obsessed with?

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