Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Beach Essentials

I love the beach or well I half-love the beach. 
I love sunshine but I hate getting tan. I love swimming in the sea but I hate sea salt drying up my hair. You could say this hate-love relationship has been growing pretty strong between us for a while. All in all, beaches are one of my favourite places to visit. Even if I don't always do typical beach activities (e.g. tanning & swimming) when I'm there, I still definitely enjoy the relaxed atmosphere beaches provide. Getting myself a perfect seat by the ocean and sipping some Pina Colada while reading a book is definitely one of my favourite things to do to wind down. And not to mention I have the best naps ever by the beach. No other location has yet to beat my beach naps because they are just beyond amazing. While we were in Barcelona, we visited the beach twice but spent pretty long hours there. Thought I'd share the few items I brought along with me. I never carried much because we always had plans and places to go after the beach and I didn't want to be lugging around a heavy bag all day. I did bring the most important item though, a book. Right now I'm in the midst of reading The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern. She's one of my favourite authors and I'm already half way  through the book. I think I might do a review soon to let you know my thoughts on this book. Of course I have my sunglasses along. Honestly, the Spanish sun makes this accessory an actual necessity. The weather is absolutely lovely but the sun rays can be so bright and blinding sometimes especially when I'm under it for long periods at a time. A beach towel/mat is pretty important too. They charge ridiculous prices to rent a deck chair so having a towel or mat to just sit on the sand is good enough. We forgot to bring one but managed to buy one from one of the many people selling them around the area. It was still pretty expensive for basically a piece of cloth so I really recommend bringing your own. I brought my headphones as well incase I wanted to take a break from reading and just relax with some music and last but not least sunscreen. I lathered up my face and body but still got a tad darker but at least there was some protection. I can't stress enough how important this is because it's been a couple days later and my friend is still hurting from the sunburn she got. I left the sun for a while to wander into this restaurant right on Barceloneta Beach. Ordered myself this delicious acai bowl as a snack while I read in the shade for a while. It was the perfect cool fruity treat on such a warm day. Definitely recommend hitting up the Barcelona beaches because they are absolutely gorgeous and you'll have a good time no doubt.

Talk soon xx

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