Saturday, July 9, 2016

Update #8

It's already This year has gone by insanely fast but I'm starting to think that's just time in general. I should be researching my biology essay or preparing a presentation on a famous artwork but I decided to procrastinate a little and write this post instead (what's new). The past month has been pretty hectic but in the best possible way. It began with my amazing trip to Barcelona for my summer break. I had the best time ever with my friend in that week we spent in sunny Spain. Then the week after, I headed down to face the opposite on the weather spectrum. Cold, rainy London. For good reason though, I made plans with a friend of mine from home to catch Coldplay live at Wembley Stadium. It was absolutely brilliant. It was one of those bucket list things for me and I still find it surreal that it happened. Like damn, I saw Coldplay perform live.
I never thought I'd have the chance considering their tours never reached Malaysia but it happened and in Wembley of all places. Moving on to the week after that, it was time to face my queen, Rihanna. I caught her Glasgow show for her Anti World Tour and again...WOW. I've always had a girl crush on Rihanna since her 'Umbrella' days and she didn't disappoint live at all. I'll be doing separate posts on my experience for all of these events, I just need to find time to sort through all the pictures in my phone first. Though, it is June though. That means one more month until I go home. I think I've handled the whole living abroad thing pretty well considering I wasn't at all prepared for it. I was afraid of sooo many things but I definitely think that this experience has helped me grow. I do miss my family and friends though. It's a bit...odd I guess, to see everyone sort of moving on with their lives and you're not a part of it. I wasn't around to see my brother turned 12 (or 13?? I can't believe I forgot his age), I wasn't there to wish my sister farewell on her journey to the land down under nor was I there to celebrate results day with my friends. I felt like I was missing out on all these important memories but the fact is, I wouldn't have gained so many new ones if I hadn't. Everything I mentioned above couldn't have happened if I was home. So I guess you really can't have the best of both worlds (unless you're Hannah Montana of course). Anyway, I just felt like a little more chatty personal post since it's been a while since the last one. I am so excited to go home but I keep forgetting one very very important event before I can, finals. It's like I'm just looking past that and only thinking of everything I'm going to do (and eat) once I'm on Malaysian soil. I need to yank back my focus on exams though and all the assignments I have due. Guess I better get a head start on that presentation sigh. You can take a peek at my VSCO profile to see all I've been up to if you fancy. I've only just updated it. Hope you've had a good month so far.

Talk soon xx

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