Saturday, August 20, 2016

Coldplay | 2016

Yes, this is not a drill people. I actually saw Coldplay perform live.
That sentence still seems particularly unreal to me. Coldplay is one of those bands that I've always grown up with. Yellow, Fix you, Charlie Brown to name a few, are some of the songs that always managed to speak to my (supposedly) teenage angst ridden soul. Even in their MIA days, you would still immediately recognise their old songs whether you're walking around in the mall or you hear the instrumental version in some sort of advert and start jamming out. I never thought I'd able to go for one of their concerts because their tours never did reach Malaysia. However, when my friend and I heard about their A Head Full of Dreams tour....we freaked to say the least. We're both from Malaysia but she was studying in Sheffield while I was studying at St Andrews at the time. With all the rumours floating about that this may be their last album/tour (I have no clue if this is true, don't quote me on this) we were desperate to catch them live. So we hurriedly made plans to catch their Wembley show in London, a week after my Spring Break. 
One word. Incredible.
People always speak so highly about their concerts. And all those videos online never failed to make my heart clench every time in awe of how amazing their past shows were. I had such high expectations for them and boy did they not disappoint. The opening act was Alessia Cara which was a pleasant surprise for me! It was amazing coincidence that the past month I was totally hooked on her latest hit Wild Things. On a real, it was my shower song for weeks. Her voice is so unique and her personality was so cute on stage! She was such a humble performer and a great start to the show. Lianne La Havas was the second opening act and while I didn't know much about her previously, I definitely enjoyed her soulful voice. 
And then Chris Martin came out, and it finally hit me that damn this is actually happening. 
The band was absolutely brilliant. Honestly, I don't know how else to explain other than they exceeded everything I ever hoped for from a Coldplay concert. They played from their current album but didn't forget to throw in all of those classic oldies that skyrocketed them to fame. Chris has such a great stage and performing personality and he always manages to keep everyone pumped. It was absolutely brilliant! It was unreal hearing all these songs from my childhood live, like it was such a great throwback moment. From obsessing over these songs behind a computer screen to hearing them performed live right in front of me. And to top it off, my friend and I had amazing spots to watch them. We were in the pitch standing area and literally only one person stood in front of me from the rails. There was confetti, beach balls, light-up wristbands, laser lights...they didn't hold back from all the extras. One  of my favourite bits about the concert was the demographic of everyone there. There were fereign-speakers, middle age couples, little kids, genuinely made me so happy to see how this band appeals to such a wide range of people. Like they're just one of those bands that everyone, no matter who you are and where you come from, can enjoy. The only sad part was that this amazing experience ended way too fast. Coldplay was definitely one of the bests concerts I've ever been to. In fact, everyone says it's isn't just a concert, it's a life experience and as cheesy as that sounds, I can't deny it at all. It was an absolute dream come true for me.

Talk soon xx

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