Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Kat Von D: Lolita II

Honestly, I've been trying to find the perfect terracotta (brownish-red) colour for my skin tone for the loooongest time. I absolutely adore this shade of lip colour and I really wanted one for myself. But eyerytime I come across a lippie with this sorta tone, it's always either too pink/mauve or a little too dark. When I saw Lolita II from Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick line, I thought yes finally!! A beautiful brick red/brown shade, it's a little lighter than I originally wanted but I was still obsessed with the swatches I found online. So today when I was browsing Sephora with my friend, we debated so long over whether to get Lolita or Lolita II. Both were beautiful shades but I feel I have quite a few lippies in my collection in similiar shades to Lolita and immediately after my friend swatched Lolita II, she fell in love. So we both bit the bullet and bought it. I have to say the colour didn't come off exactly how I wanted it to. It looks a lot more pink on me than the reddish tone I wanted. On other people and on my friend who has fairer skin, it looks more terracotta. This happens SO much to me, it's annoying. Though,  a little tip I found that helped was adding concealer to my lips before applying the lipstick. The concealer canceled out my natural lip colour and allowed the reddish tones of the lipstick to come through. I think this is a great tip for girls out there with more naturally pigmented lips. The formula is amazing. It actually feels pretty comfortable on my lips for a liquid lipstick, not as drying as I previously found from other liquid lipsticks. It doesn't dry sticky which is something I love. I never use lip glosses because some of those tacky/sticky formulas make me cringe. Lolita II does settle into the fine lines on my lips a little but that's something I could easily fix with some balm. It lasts amazingly well. I wore it all day out with my friends and barely did any touch ups, it lasted even through eating or drinking. When it does fade, it leaves a pretty light pink on your lips and it isn't too patchy either. Overall, it is a pretty pricey liquid lipstick but you definitely get your money's worth. What are your favourite colours from the range?

Talk soon xx


  1. This looks like a really pretty shade! How much does it cost?
    Aleeha xXx

    1. It is! Well I bought it in Malaysia for RM99 but I think it retails for about $20 in the US :)


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