Saturday, March 18, 2017

Day in Manchester + OOTD

I don't know how true this statement rings but I've heard that "Manchester is the better London". It's a pretty outlandish/controversial statement as half of the people I know seem to agree while the other half just laugh. I've been to London quite a few times and the city never really spoke to me, it was never one my favourite places to visit. I'll admit I haven't properly explored London yet but for now, I have to admit that Manchester definitely takes the cake for me.

 Tan jumper - H&M, White ripped skirt - Bershka, Belt - H&M, Denim jacket - Urban Outfitters (BDG), Bag - Elle.

I've been staying with my friend in Sheffield for a week of my Spring break and last Sunday we decided to take the train up to Manchester for a day out. We didn't manage to do as much as I would have liked as we arrived around noon and spent a couple hours catching up with friends. We had lunch at Archie's which is a little burgers and milkshake place down at Oxford's Street which was divine. The milkshakes are amazing and the numerous flavours and combinations they had was almost hell for an indecisive person like me. I was way too full after my falafel wrap so I ended up just sipping some of my friend's milkshakes and it's safe to say that even right now, almost 5 days later, I'm suddenly craving an Archie's milkshake. My friends decided to stop by a couple stores in the city centre for a quick shop and I'm glad I stayed strong and left every store empty handed. If I wasn't so broke, that probably wouldn't have been the case because the spring pieces in stores now are just too cute to pass on. I suddenly wish I had a holiday coming soon to shop for sigh.

We next headed to Northern Quarters for a little stroll about and it's such a quirky and fun area to explore. Shame that we were running a little late because the area was filled with vintage or thrift stores that were closing as we arrived, it would've been fun to have a browse through them as some seemed to have some pretty good bargains. The graffiti and street art in the area kept us entertained though and I decided to utilise them for an outfit picture. We walked around for a bit before taking a coffee break at Ezra & Gil in the evening. It reminded me of a very relaxed indie sort of coffee shop. They had a chilled vibe and we sat and just chatted for ages over some yummy hot chocolate and lattes. The store was open till quite late which was great to just wind down after a long day of walking. I actually had such a good day in Manchester and made me really miss just spontaneously taking a day to  explore a city. There's still so much I haven't done so I can't wait to visit the art galleries, markets and have a look around the numerous vintage stores the next time I'm there. Let me know any recommendations or must-dos in Manchester that you know off.

I quite liked my outfit that day. I wanted to wear something cute (because pictures obvs) but also comfortable because I knew how much walking we'd be doing. I usually never shop in Bershka but strolled in when there was a sale going on one day and was pleasantly surprised. They actually have some really cute stuff stocked. I picked up this white denim skirt that has some distressing and rips going on at the hemline and another classic blue denim skirt which I was super happy about. I paired the skirt with an oversized tan jumper from H&M which is a couple sizes too big but I bought it anyways because I loved the colour and the mock neck (it was also on sale which probably influenced my decision too). I wore my favourite black denim jacket and some basic black ankle boots which aren't pictured. I only recently got the jacket but safe to say I'm completely obsessed with it because I pretty much wear it everyday. It was a little pricier than I'd usually spend but I was looking for a black denim jacket for so long and when I saw it an Urban, it was practically exactly what I'd been looking for. I've already gotten so much use out of it because it literally goes with any outfit and it's so easy to throw on. Not going to lie my favourite part about it is that it has pockets inside the jacket, any coat/jacket that has that is a winner to me. 

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