Monday, June 19, 2017

Dainty necklaces

I love jewellery but I never really wear any all that often. Most of the time, I just forget really. It's like I'll do my makeup, hair, outfit and boom, I'm straight out the door. I always forget to put on a few rings or a necklace. Which is a shame really because I love how a couple of accessories can effortlessly complete a look. However, as of recent I've begun to incorporate a few simple jewellery pieces to jazz up my outfits a little. Especially with my recent obsession with off shoulder tops (I kid you not my closet is slowly being taken over by the bardot trend), I always try to add a few necklaces or chokers so that my décolletage area isn't so bare. Lately, I really love layering more dainty pieces of necklaces and chokers. Don't get me wrong, I love a good ol' statement necklace but most of the time, especially for everyday wear, I rather opt for a few simple dainty pieces. It's just such an effortless way to add on to a simple outfit, makes it seem like you made way more of an effort than you really did (which is always a win in my book). I got all the pieces in the photos from either H&M or Forever 21. Definitely good places to scout for affordable accessories. I try not to spend too much because I tend to lose my jewellery really easily, like I'll start my day with maybe 5 rings on my hands and come home to realise I've only got 3 on instead. So I try to spend as little as possible on accessories when I can. I also try choosing a few more sophisticated pieces that I feel would work for most occasions. I just realise that I tend to pick up more gold pieces rather than silver but to be honest, I usually switch up between the two colours depending on my outfits. Might just try to expand my silver collection a little more.

Talk soon xx

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