Thursday, June 22, 2017

Slidin' into Summer

Okay, I'll admit I'm low-key proud of that title, has a nice ring to it don't ya think? It's not 100% on point because this post is about slides and mules but it'll do. So like I was saying, mules and slides are probably the footwear of the season, especially the former. When Gucci came out with the Princetown mules , I was in loooooove. Too bad the only way I could afford a pair was to probably take shelter on the streets and starve my broke student ass for a year. Slight exaggeration but the way my bank account was looking at the time, it didn't seem like such a stretch. I was so glad when the trend trickled down into high street stores and a majority of retailers started producing their own version of mules. You can probably find them at any high street store now!

I got mine from an online shoe retailer called Ego. Succumbing to the never-ending ads from them that appear on my Facebook timeline, I stumbled upon these floral beauties while browsing their site. I was still hesitant because I wasn't sure whether to splash out on a pair of shoes from a website I've never heard about but after hearing Samantha Maria rave about them in a video, I was sold. There are a couple coupon codes as well that you can use if you're buying shoes for the first time from them so it came to about £20 for me if I'm not mistaken. They were a little uncomfortable to wear for long periods at first as the leather was a little stiff but after breaking them in, they are really easy on my feet and super comfortable. I love the floral pattern as well with the gold band detailing across the front, it gives what would be a rather plain-looking pair of shoes a chic uplift. They look so good with most of my outfits and is always that perfect little flare to my more casual look. As for the slides, I mean you're lying if Rihanna's Fenty line with Puma didn't catch your eye. When she came up with the fur slides, I was a little unsure of what I thought. On one hand, I couldn't ever imagine wearing something like that in public but on the other, I really really wanted a pair so I could stroke the fur all day. Hahah! But honestly, something about those fur slides made them look so comfy and cool and I really wanted in on that without the hefty price tag. So when I was having a little look around Cotton on the other day, these dark navy slides caught my eye. I like the band across the fur because it gave the slides a casual sporty vibe and I felt that I'll be able to incorporate it with casual outfits easier. They are surprisingly comfortable, I never thought they'd be because I've always been more of a flip flops kinda girl (born and bred). I figured my feet would constantly just slide through when I walk and end up tripping over myself, but evidently (and thankfully) not. I love wearing them to the malls especially because they're so easy to slide on and off when I'm trying on shoes or jeans and stuff. All in all, I am all about this season's favourite footwear and I'm glad that various versions of mules/slides seem to be popping up everywhere. I definitely want to try and score a pair of low-heeled mules preferably in a cute denim colour or a maybe a black suede with a chunky heel. Any favourites mules recommendations to share?

Talk soon xx

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