Monday, November 14, 2011

DIY: Polka Dot Nails

I finally get to paint my nails, I've been waiting for so long to try out the polka dot nail design.
I  haven't painted my nails in AGES. If you want to know why, my school has this silly rule that no student can wear nail polish to school.
Silly, right? What do they think we are going to do? Blind the other students with our bright colourful nails.
They need to get a little more creative when they make rules.
Anyway, school ended yesterday so there is no one to stop me.
I went out with my friends the other day and we stopped by Elianto.
I needed to refresh my nail polish supply as I was running out of white.
I got that and another polish in Neon Purple.
I thought bought looked gorgeous together so I did the polka dot nails for myself using these three polishes.

It's pretty simple;
1. Apply your base coat to protect your nails from being stained
2. Apply your first colour 
3. Using a nail dotting tool make your polka dots with your second colour    randomly on your nail
4. Apply your top coat for that pretty shine
5. Admire your result

Told you it was simple. Also if you are like me and don't have a nail dotting tool, here are some easy objects around your house to act like a nail dotting tool.

1) Bobby pin

2) Straight pin


3) Ballpoint pen. Preferably one without ink. One with ink works too but you won't be able to use it to write anymore

4) Toothpicks. If you have these kinds, use the back. If you have the pointed one on both sides, still works, smaller dot.

There are so many more things but these are a few. I didn't use any of these thing, I actually used the unused eraser on the top of a mechanical pencil. Hope you like this little nail tutorial.

p.s. excuse the pictures, my blogs last name

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