Friday, November 25, 2011


I started so well with my blogging, sorry I slacked.
Well an update on my life, I went to Port Dickson which is a 2 hour drive from where I live. We went there for the weekend cause my house was being used for some kind of commercial and they didn't want any disturbance.
That was a little sad cause these film people always cater good food and if you hang around long enough, you will be offered some food.
The last time, they shot a ZIP commercial at our house and after shooting they gave us a WHOLE box of ZIP CHOCOLATE BARS in every flavour.

It was like a dream come true, at least at the time but now I am so sick of it I haven't eaten that chocolate bar in a year. 
Anyway we stayed at Thistle hotel, we used to head there all the time for a break but now we'll be lucky to even go there once a year.

Our room

 The views from our room

Also we went to a fair there on the first night, now that was the best outcome of the trip. My dad spent like 80 bucks there because well when you start playing the booth games you don't want to stop, they are that addictive. My siblings and I only won a few small but nice stuff and when we showed my dad all the gifts we won, he said he could probably buy all of them and more for less than 30 bucks which is true but where is the fun in that.

I actually won a little cute bear at this dart booth but somehow I lost it(someone stole it). One minute it was right there on the table-top and the next it was gone. I only turned my back on it to play one of the booth games. At least I got Pooh Bear from it all.

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