Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Glam

I'm sure everyone knows that Christmas in coming up soon
I'm spending most of my time in the mall, noting gifts I can get for my family and friends or a gift I can treat myself to.
Well I have one gift idea for you guys and that's


 My Glam is founded by Michelle Phan and I bet almost all you youtubers would know her. There are 5 stylists in My Glam, all which are popular youtube beauty gurus.
Anyway, the gift I meant was to subscribe to a glam bag (monthly/yearly)
The gorgeous glam bag has full-sized or sample-sized branded beauty products in it. They will also personalize your glam bag so that you will love the products you receive. They'll personalized it according to your quiz, so answer some questions and get a glam bag.

Also, you can upload videos of you using the products with your own techniques and tips. You can share your thoughts and reviews on the beauty products too. The stylists will also be around to answer any questions you might have.
Once I heard about this I was all out to pay $10 for the glam bag and be a member for free but the glam bag only does shipping which is free throughout the U.S and I don't live there so that was sad but I still joined the community.  
I wished they would make the glam bag international because I don't mind paying for the shipping but since it isn't I really suggest joining the community and subscribing for the glam bag if you are in the U.S.

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