Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring lippie!

Let me first just start off by apologising for my dreadful looking chipped nails. I had them done a little over a week ago and I'm awful at removing nail polish. I usually just let them chip away until I paint on a new colour or until I really can't stand the sight of them. Horrible, I know. But moving on, it's supposedly spring here, but the weather today sure doesn't seem like it at all. Luckily, the day I took that picture of me was a gorgeous sunny day in Blackpool. It was a lovely place to explore with the family. Even though the theme park and all the stores were closed cause well it isn't summer yet, we still had a good time walking the beach and enjoying some yummy ice cream. Heading back to the lipstick though. I've decided to officially declared this lovely muted coral colour as my spring lipstick. It's a Revlon lipstick from their super lustrous line called "Rosewine". It's such a pretty pink colour and perfect as an everyday lipstick. The colour screams summer to me. I envision white sun dresses, cute sandals and a large floppy hat with this on my lips. I do have a soft spot for coral lip colours and this has a beautiful blend of pink to it too. The formula itself is creamy and pretty moisturising but unfortunately not too terribly long lasting. I would reapply maybe twice a day. I picked it up mainly for it's colour so it doesn't bother me too much that the formula isn't spectacular. I hope you've all had a great spring break though. I hate that it's ending so soon, I'm back to Uni next week and I'm definitely dreading it. 

Talk soon xx

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