Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Break

Hello! Just a week after spring break and I'm already dying for another holiday. Literally, I'm being suffocated with all the assignments that's been dropped on me. And I can't fathom why they are all due next week. Who's great idea was that??
Well anyways, I thought I'd share a few pictures from my spring vacation. Unfortunately, while everyone else jetted off to Punta Cana and Ibiza, I stayed back here in lovely England. Actually, I'll give the UK some credit.  For the entire 2 weeks my parents were around, we had some pretty fantastic weather. Not a single drop of rain, which is a miracle on its own. But by that, I don't mean there was some kind of drought over the whole UK for two weeks, just that we were pretty lucky with our timing. It didn't rain anywhere we visited, and if it did, we would've already have left the place by then. My parents (& little brother) came over here to visit me and we had a little road trip from England to Scotland during the break. It started off by me taking my very first train journey alone to meet them in Milton Keynes. Turned out pretty well, I only got slightly lost when I had to transit at Haymarket but I'm so glad I didn't miss my train.  We stayed with my aunt for a while in Milton Keynes and even went down south to see the Stonehenge (pic 1), before starting our journey North. Stonhenge was a semi-interesting stop. While it was fascinating to hear about the theories surrounding this famous icon, in the end, you are technically out in the cold wind staring at a bunch So I'm happy I've been to see them but I probably wouldn't go back. After that, our first stop was Blackpool (pic 2/3), which was a really pretty seaside town. I think it was more of a summer place because when we went, most of the stores were closed but it still had such a gorgeous atmosphere. We walked around the beach and had some ice cream. I really liked that day. Hopefully I'll get to return in the summer one day because I want to so badly. Next was Windermere (pic 4-7), which is part of lake district. Goshhh, words cant describe how beautiful it is there. We took a long winding road through the mountains instead of cutting straight to the highway. Results include fantastic views of mountains and plains and lakes and sheep but with a side of minor carsickness. Frankly, I'm weak and there's only so much windiness I can take. The lakes are breath-taking though. Crystal clear waters surrounded by lush greenery and rocky mountains looming above. Literally, almost every angle from where I stood was insta-worthy and that's a fact. I highly recommend dropping by lake district if you are ever in the vicinity because it is definitely worth it. I decided I'll split my Spring break post into two parts cause it might get a little too long and draggy if not so part 2, which includes our trip in Scotland, will be up next!

Talk soon xx

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