Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Boots of the Day

Boots. My one true footwear love.
Okay, so I might cheat on them with sneakers or some pretty heels now and then but I always come back! Thing is, my love for them could never really progress back home in Malaysia. The hot weather just made it too bothersome to wear yet I always kept a pair handy just in case. I figured I needed an extra pair before coming here and I 'just so happened' to find these beauties in H&M. They sort of give me the same grunge feel you'd get from Docs but without the bulkier look, all thanks to the sole. And I love that! I have this slight obsession with the 90s. While I could live without the heavy metal and punk music, I've always had a soft spot for the whole dark grunge fashion. These boots remind me of that and all without a hefty price tag. Not to forget, the sole is perfect for the rainy weather as well as the muddy grounds and the leather is easy enough to clean. Now, I'm not going to lie. I totally expected them to be a pain to walk in (no offence h&m) but they sure did surprise me. I wear them almost everyday and they're pretty darn comfortable. Even with the 20 minute walk to campus, all I had was minor discomfort in the first week of breaking them in. Now, I barely feel a thing. I'll be realistic here though. I know they are probably not the most dependable boots and will most likely not last me for years. They're already scuffed up from me wearing them every single day but I don't mind.They're great to use at this moment and anyways, it'll just be a good reason to go shopping when the time comes. Or who knows. maybe I'll finally save up enough to get a pair of much coveted Timberlands...?
Talk soon xx

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