Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Break 2: Exploring Scotland

Hey, so we last left off at Windermere didn't we? Well after that, we drove up towards Scotland. We dropped by Stonehaven to take a look at the renowned Dunnottar Castle. Basically, a medieval fortress perched on top a rocky cliff overlooking the sea. Quite a spectacular sight. I'm quite fond of castles and the history behind them. So I enjoyed venturing about the ruins and reading all about the past royal bloods that lived in them. We drove towards Aberdeen as well, but didn't stay too long there. Our next stop was Edinburgh, a.k.a another city I've fallen in love with. There's something so beautiful about being in such a bustling modern city yet still be surrounded by mountains and nature. I loved that aspect of Edinburgh. Instead, of demolishing the area to construct a city, they just built a city around the nature. I can't really explain why I like this city so much but something about it just draws me in. I can't wait to visit again when I have spare time from Uni. It has a really nice vibe and the shopping available is finally something worthwhile. We even visited Edinburgh Castle. Also known as home to Mary, Queen of Scots (Yes, my Reign obsession is still persevering). It was a huge castle and as usual my favourite bits were the prisons and dungeons below. Didn't get to see the Scottish Jewels but I wasn't bothered much. I was quite content to roam about the War Room instead. The third picture was the view from the castle. It was at such a strategic spot overlooking Scotland. I could even vaguely spy where the Kingdom of Fife generally was from up there. Which is where St. Andrews is. We headed back to St. Andrews after Edinburgh, as my parents wanted to have a look around. It was quite a good feeling to be able to show them around 'my' town. We were a little short on time, so they didn't get to see as much as they wanted to. Obviously, I was sad to see them go. They left the next day as they had to drive back all the way down to Milton Keynes, to catch their flight home at Heathrow. Next, I see them will be in August when I go home but I try not to think of that too much. I focus on what's going on here and what needs to be done now (a podcast, a 1500 word essay and 5 graphs). As long as I keep my mind of missing home, I'm pretty happy here. I also have a couple more pictures on my instagram of my trip if you are interested to check them out. I'll update next when I can, but until then, I hope everyone has been doing fine.

Talk soon xx

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