Thursday, November 30, 2017

19 Things at 19

1. Oats isn't "old people food" and it actually tastes amazing in the morning (honey, cinnamon & mixed seeds all the way)
2. Friendships aren't defined by how often you text or see each other.
3. Nor does the number of years define the quality and strength of a friendship. 
4. Bandanas are cool and you should wear them as often as you want without worrying if others think you're being too "extra".
5. You may love your alone time but don't waste the limited time you have being a hermit in your room when you could be spending time with your loved ones. Making new memories is important.
6. Speaking of memories.....print out pictures and fill photo albums with them! Don't let them waste away in your phone. It's more fun to reminisce this way, trust me.
7. Green tea is a great substitute for coffee (also healthier hello).
8. Sleeveless tops are pretty and don't let your physical insecurities ruin them for you.
9. Suddenly losing a family member is difficult (which is why no. 5 is important) but it also serves as a reminder to constantly appreciate those around you.
10. "Comparison is the thief of joy" for god sake stop doing it. 
11. The best place to read is by the beach. On a lounge chair, in the shade with the slight salty breeze enveloping you.
12. Also buy more physical copies of books instead of downloading them. Nothing is more satisfying than cracking open a brand new book. (also because my book shelf is low key my pride & joy)
13. Work out for your benefit and not for others.
14. Don't rush love. It'll happen when it happens.
15. Stick with vodka cranberry to ensure a good night out. (Sidenote: Stay far away from tequila)
16. Start complimenting and smiling more at strangers. It turned my day around when a stranger said my hair was pretty so why not share the love?
17. Life's too short to worry about the boy who's not texting you back. Paint those lips red and go out dancing instead.
18. Don't be afraid of your own company. Going to concerts, movies and even shopping solo can be so satisfying. Don't wait on others to do the things you want to do.
19. Opening up can release a burden you never realised was weighing you down. You can only move on after you've stopped hiding it from others and yourself. No one will think any less of you.

This was a post that was meant to go up after my 19th birthday but I kept adding and erasing things and well..... a year older and my indecisive nature is here to stay. 18 was a good year for me, I hope 19 is one for the books too. 

Enjoy xx


  1. All of the above definitely resonate with me! Agree to disagree on number 15, Vodka AND Tequila on a night can be fun ;) Fantastic post otherwise. Hope your 19 is going well, mine seems to be a bit of mess currently, oops.

    1. Oooh am very interested to hear about this messy 19th birthday of yours. Fair enough, I'll admit not all tequila nights have ended up badly and I do love me a good margarita. Glad you enjoyed the post hun! xx


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